Redundant definition, characterized by verbosity or unnecessary repetition in expressing ideas; prolix: a redundant style. See more redundant. ( rɪˈdʌndənt) adj. 1. surplus to requirements; unnecessary or superfluous. 2. verbose or tautological. 3. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) deprived of one's job because it is no longer necessary for efficient operation: he has been made redundant. 4 7 synonyms of redundant from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 21 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for redundant. Redundant: being over what is needed The word redundant applies to things that are unnecessary or could be left out. Calling a blank sheet of paper empty is redundant redundant definition: 1. (especially of a word, phrase, etc.) unnecessary because it is more than is needed: 2. having. Learn more

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Find 33 ways to say REDUNDANT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Redundant assets are assets that generate income. Operating Income Operating income is the amount of revenue left after deducting the operational direct and indirect costs from sales revenue. for the business but that are not essential to the normal operations of the business. In simple terms, they are assets that are owned by the company that.

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redundant ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, redundant là gì: 1. (especially of a word, phrase, etc.) unnecessary because it is more than is needed: 2. having. Tìm hiểu thêm redundant - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free Redundant definition: If you are made redundant , your employer tells you to leave because your job is no... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

redundant - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: redundant adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, a tall girl, an interesting book, a big house.: UK (laid off): despedido adj adjetivo: Describe el sustantivo.Puede ser posesivo, numeral, demostrativo (casa grande, mujer alta) A redundant colon is an abnormally long colon that also has additional loops or twists. Learn about symptoms, treatments, at-home care, and more Provided to YouTube by RepriseRedundant · Green DayNimrod℗ 1997 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the U.S.Guit..

I read the report and one finding was a redundant colon, but no polyps or twisting this time. I looked it up and found redundant meant a colon that was longer than normal for the body, so it takes more time to do the colonoscopy. Further research lead to the importance of self care to prevent impaction and twisting Definition of redundant adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more • A redundant fitter from the Coventry car industry in his mid-forties lives alone and receives £61.02 a fortnight. • Among the most obvious categories here are the unskilled, the young, black people and those made redundant from manufacturing. made redundant • The remaining 50 percent were made redundant

2. Fluids. The redundant colon condition often results in hard, painful bowel movements. By drinking water, your stools will be better expelled. 3. Exercise. Exercise is known to keep a person regular in terms of bowel movements and may help with issues of a redundant colon. It does not have to be strenuous, as walking is a great exercise to. When data is redundant, employees enjoy fast access and quick updates because the necessary information is available on multiple systems. This is particularly important for customer service-based organizations whose customers expect promptness and efficiency. 4. Improved data reliability Data that is reliable is complete and accurate. A is redundant with B. Google hit counts confirm that redundant with is by far the preferred usage: redundant with — 310,000 results redundant of — 45,900 results Redundant to actually shows more results that redundant with, but the vast majority of those are actually redundant followed by an infinitive, eg Tortuous colon is sometimes referred to as a redundant colon. Some make the distinction that a tortuous colon is one that has an excessive amount of sharp bends, while a redundant colon has an excessive amount of loops. Although the condition sounds well, tortuous, most of the time it is not a serious health problem

It is unnecessary; it is redundant; it is already becoming obsolescent. Jest niepotrzebny, jest zbędny i już staje się przestarzały. redundant (also: expendable, supererogatory, superfluous, supernumerary, useless, supererogative) volume_up. zbyteczny {adj. m If systems 1 and 2 are redundant systems, meaning that one system can functionally back up the other, then F1 is the probability of failure of system 1 and F2 is the probability of failure of system 2. If we leverage redundancy, the probability of success for a given system would be 99%, or 99 out of 100 should succeed: R = 1 - (0.1) (0.1) = 0.99 23. False pretense: A pretense is a deception, so false is redundant. 24. Few in number: Few refers to a small number; do not qualify few with the modifier in number.. 25. Final outcome: An outcome is a result and is therefore intrinsically final. 26 Redundant Prepuce. Redundant prepuce is an excess amount of foreskin - the foreskin completely covers the top of your penis when it's not erect. Not being able to fully withdraw the foreskin from the head of your penis could lead to health problems. A second circumcision, a circumcision revision, to remove the foreskin may need to be.

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  1. Adjective: redundant. (2) In generative grammar, redundancy refers to any language feature that can be predicted on the basis of other language features. (3) In common usage, redundancy refers to the repetition of the same idea or item of information within a phrase, clause, or sentence: a pleonasm or tautology
  2. Zone-redundant storage. Zone-redundant storage (ZRS) replicates your Azure Storage data synchronously across three Azure availability zones in the primary region. Each availability zone is a separate physical location with independent power, cooling, and networking
  3. Paraphrase a redundant element to check whether this modifier is necessary. For example, new innovation is a redundant phrase: innovation is a new thing, so you get a new new thing. An expression the following list below is also a redundant phrase: below designates something that follows what you have already written
  4. Language and arts. Redundancy (linguistics), information that is expressed more than once Redundant, 2001 drama by Leo Butler Redundant (song), 1997 song by American rock band Green Day Computer science and engineering. Data redundancy, database systems which have a field that is repeated in two or more tables; Redundancy (engineering), the duplication of critical components or functions of.
  5. The absence of stock level monitoring could result in the depletion of stock (which could lead to the disruption of operations) and in the holding of stock in excess of operational requirements, which in turn would increase the risk that expendable stock would become redundant or obsolete. UN-2. Materiel is currently stored at multiple.

Travis Lawrence and the home of The Tra The zone redundant configuration for Azure SQL Database is now generally available in three additional regions: Canada Central; West US 2; North Europe; The full list of supported regions can be found in this table. The zone redundant configuration is available for Azure SQL Database in the Premium and Business Critical service tiers German Translation of redundant | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases Redundant messages throughout a Conversation are moved to the Deleted Items folder. What is a conversation? You might know a Conversation by the term email thread. A Conversation is the complete set of email messages from the first message through all responses. The messages of a Conversation have the same subject

Adjective. ( en adjective ) Superfluous; exceeding what is necessary. Repetitive or needlessly wordy. (chiefly, British) Dismissed from employment because no longer needed; as in rendered redundant. Duplicating or able to duplicate the function of another component of a system, providing back-up in the event the other component fails Opto 22 believes it can help with that. Our new Snap PAC Redundancy Option Kit (Snap-PAC-ROK) can be used to design an Ethernet-based redundant control system with maximum reliability and distributed intelligence that can recover instantly from failure, says Benson Hougland, vice president of marketing and product development for Opto 22 REDUNDANT 'REDUNDANT' is a 9 letter word starting with R and ending with T Crossword clues for 'REDUNDANT' Clue Answer; Being in excess (9) REDUNDANT: Unnecessarily repetitive (9) No longer needed (9) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for REDUNDANT redundancy termination of employment because of the disappearance of the need for the job. In the employment law of the UK, certain rights accrue to someone who is made redundant, i.e. if his dismissal is the result wholly or mainly of the cessation of the employer's business or to the cessation or diminution of demands for particular work.. Redundancy can be a potentially fair reason for. Redundant is a see also of repeat. As a adjective redundant is superfluous; exceeding what is necessary. As a verb repeat is or to do or say again (and again). As a noun repeat is an iteration; a repetition

sacked, dismissed, laid off, discharged. View synonyms. 1.2. (of words or data) able to be omitted without loss of meaning or function. 'our peculiar affection for redundant phrases'. More example sentences. 'most of the inflectional endings are redundant' Athena Power AP-RRP4ATX6808 800W Redundant 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATLAS 800 PLUS Server Power Supply with PM Bus. Main Connector: 20+4Pin Output Current: +5V@24A, +12V x 4@16.5A, +3.3V@24A, -5V@0A, -12V@0.8A, +5V-SB@4A Input Voltage: 88 -264 Volts Ac Input Frequency Range: 47 - 63 Hz Model #: AP-RRP4ATX6808 Item #: N82E16817338062R Return Policy: Standard Return Polic Examples of Redundant in a sentence. My professor's redundant speech consisted of him saying the same thing over and over again. . As the bus driver repeatedly told the kids to take their seats, I started to cringe each time I heard the redundant words. . I consider the celebrity's ownership of thirty automobiles to be quite. Redundant power supply. Found more commonly in servers and other high-end computers, a redundant power supply contains two (or more) power supply units inside it. Each power supply is capable of powering the entire computer and only one runs at a time. If one fails, the other power supply starts running to keep the computer powered up What is the opposite of redundant? redundant. Contexts . . Opposite of no longer needed or useful. (British) Opposite of no longer in employment because there is no more work available. Opposite of abounding in words or containing more words than necessary. Opposite of being in excess. ( of a person) Opposite of without money, a job, or a place.

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This is Green Day's Music Video For Redundant in H This article shows how to set up a zone-redundant container registry or replica by using the Azure CLI, Azure portal, or Azure Resource Manager template. Zone redundancy is a preview feature of the Premium container registry service tier. For information about registry service tiers and limits, see Azure Container Registry service tiers redundant. (rĭ-dŭn′dənt) adj. 1. Exceeding what is necessary or natural; superfluous. 2. Genetics. a. Made up of identical repeating nucleotide sequences that do not code for genes

Redundant in a sentence | redundant example sentences. You may be made redundant. Note the redundant á beforeése. God is redundant here and was not needed. Since this is a redundant usage, it also. Its many redundant references to similar. There is redundant and unequivocal evidence For e-mail, it has it's own systems in conjunction with DNS to provide round robin and preference order for SMTP; multiple POP or IMAP servers to front a redundant DBMS; or Exchange has DAGs. DNS also has its own mechanisms, mainly multiple name servers in master/slave configurations (or multimaster in some cases)

• The redundant or excessive skin is interfering with activities of daily living. • For areas other than the face, there is evidence, including photographs, that the redundant or excessive skin is causing persistent intertriginous dermatitis, cellulitis, or skin ulceration, which is refractory to a The redundant colon is one that is too long for its owner. Kantor1 considers it a form of congenital anomaly compatible with life and health under reasonably favorable circumstances, which under unfavorable stress and strain of life may give rise to a symptom complex of annoying and distressing..

A redundant colon has shows some additional loops or twists in it. Some other names known for a redundant colon are elongated colon or tortuous colon. Advertisement . Though there are many cases where people would never experience any symptoms even if there is a presence of a redundant colon in them and may not require treatments for the same. By using redundant Site-to-Site VPN connections and customer gateway devices, you can perform maintenance on one of your devices while traffic continues to flow over the second customer gateway's Site-to-Site VPN connection. The following diagram shows the two tunnels of each Site-to-Site VPN connection and two customer gateways The below Figure shows a typical system configuration for redundant PLCs in either warm or hot standby. Both processors have continuous access to the I/O over redundant buses or networks, and register data and status information are exchanged over a dedicated fiber optic link

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A redundant Ethernet (reth) interface is a pseudo-interface that includes a physical interface from each node of a cluster. A reth interface of the active node is responsible for passing the traffic in a chassis cluster setup. For more information, see the following topics Floated redundant. Of persons, in employment situations by 1928, chiefly British. Related: Redundantly. As a verb, redund has been tried at least once (1904); the etymological corresponding verb is the Frenchified redound Redundant 17 (46%) 15 (22%) 32(30%/) 1 (2%) years. However, patients with a shorter history also showed a highly significant difference from the controls. Inadditiontoredundantcolon,thepatients with constipation hada slightly higher incidence of coloptosis (59%) than the controls (36%). Likewis

Definition of redundant in English English dictionary. Repetitive or needlessly wordy. Dismissed from employment because no longer needed. Superfluous; exceeding what is necessary. Duplicating or able to duplicate the function of another component of a system, providing back-up in the event the other component fails. constituting an excess Synonyms for redundant in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for redundant. 44 synonyms for redundant: jobless, dismissed, sacked, unemployed, laid off, out of work. Redundant Drives - ABB has the right solution for your critical facility needs. ABB's offering for redundant HVAC Drives is a pair of ABB ACH550 drives, integrated into a NEMA rated enclosure, with all the power and control features you need for critical applications. ACH550 Redundant Drives offer single point control connec The redundant renditions in this manifest are identified by the player by checking for an identical EXT-X-STREAM-INF line.. Since failover between the HLS redundant streams is implemented on the client side, the behavior and support does vary between players Geo-Redundant Sites In a geo-redundant setup, all sites have a geographic site name and each site is configured to have a reference to its peer site using that name. The designated set of information is synchronized between these site peers. One site is defined as the geomaster, the other as the slave

Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAIDs) When we use a disk, we sometimes wish it to be faster; I/O operations are slow and thus can be the bottleneck for the entire system. When we useadisk,wesometimeswishittobelarger;moreandmoredataisbeing put online and thus our disks are getting fuller and fuller. When we us In a typical enterprise network composed of distribution and access layers, a redundant trunk link provides a simple solution for network recovery when a trunk port on a switch goes down. In that case, traffic is routed to another trunk port, keeping network convergence time to a minimum redundancy the termination of an individual's employment when the employer ceases trading or the job ceases to be required because of rationalization, change of product etc. Whe Looking for online definition of redundant or what redundant stands for? redundant is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar Redundant railway lines with heavy surrounding foliage, viewed from above. The employee being fired from work made redundant. Employee being fired from work made redundant. Teignmouth pier with redundant queen mary 2. Pier at Teignmouth in devon,england,uk. Businessman redundant with belongings in box in office

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Redundant expressions are phrases made up of two or more words that repeat the same idea. A good example is twelve midnight, since midnight is always at 12am. We can therefore drop twelve without losing any meaning. Other redundant expressions include: Added bonus. Cease and desist Redundant drill of skills is inherently boring and insulting to the learner, and it is one of the most effective methods for turning students off to learning. Heidi Hayes Jacobs. Learning Boring Practice. I was made redundant from a job as a PA in a shirt-making company in 1996. I was devastated

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Redundant: Everything being equal, the members of the Student Council will think about the argument, and come up with a final decision through a vote next week at an open meeting. Fixed: The members of the Student Council will have a final decision next week at an open meeting after a vote Following are some of the common redundancies in English. In specific contexts, some of these phrases may serve a purpose. More often, however, the phrases weigh down our writing with unnecessary words. We can eliminate the needless repetition in each case by omitting the word or phrase in parentheses Redundant data can be stored on purpose by creating compressed versions of backup data that can be restored, and become part of specific DR strategies. In the event of a cyberattack or data breach, for example, having the same data stored in several different places can be critical to ensure the continuity of operations as well as damage. Redundancy is a form of dismissal from your job. It happens when employers need to reduce their workforce. If you're being made redundant, you might be eligible for certain things, including. Just up until a couple months ago we only had a wall hanging AC unit which was substantial enough, but we ended up installing a redundant AC supply for emergency purposes. This unit was a little bigger than our original unit and was a floor/wall mount

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2. Redundant number systems This section presents the basic concepts of redundant arithmetic. Signed-digit arithmetic [3], a special case of redundant arithmetic, is described in more detail and is used to introduce the 14 A.F. Gonza&lez, P. Mazumder / INTEGRATION, the VLSI journal 30 (2000) 13}5 Redundant colon, sometimes referred to as tortuous colon, is a term used to describe when someone has a colon that's longer than normal. In addition to the extra length, a redundant colon also has extra loops in it. While the extra length doesn't appear to cause any health problems directly, it can lead to constipation Redundant code has a number of consequences including bloated source code, reduced reliable and reduced maintainability. In some cases dead code can also effect performance Redundant publication (also described as 'salami publishing'): this refers to the situation that one study is split into several parts and submitted to two or more journals. Or the findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper cross-referencing, permission or justification Learner's definition of REDUNDANT. 1. : repeating something else and therefore unnecessary. He edited the paper and removed any redundant information or statements. Avoid redundant expressions in your writing. Some people say that since all adages are old, the phrase old adage is redundant. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example.

Went full circle 'til I'm nauseous. Taken for granted now. Now I waste it, faked it, ate it, now I hate it. [Chorus] A Abm Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice. G Gbm I'm speechless and redundant. Bm D A D A 'Cause I love you's not enough. I'm lost for words. X PRUNING THE REDUNDANT. Avoid saying the same thing twice. Many uneducated citizens who have never attended school continue to vote for better schools. A phrase that repeats itself—like true fact, twelve noon, I saw it with my own eyes—is sometimes called a pleonasm. Redundant phrases are bad habits just waiting to take control of your. A redundant server is kept offline. That is, it powers on with network/Internet connectivity but is not used as a live server. In case of failure, downtime or excessive traffic at the primary server, a redundant server can be implemented to take the primary server's place or share its traffic load

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Redundancy: The general definition of redundancy is exceeding what is normal. However, in computing, the term is used more specifically and refers to duplicate devices that are used for backup purposes. The goal of redundancy is to prevent or recover from the failure of a specific component or system Zone redundant Premium databases and pools are available in the following regions: Central US (general availability) France Central (general availability) West Europe (general availability) South East Asia (general availability) Additional regions will be added over time

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  1. Redundant DNS. DNS is a mission-critical service for every enterprise. When DNS fails, or is taken down in an attack, the websites, applications and online services that depend on it effectively disappear from the internet taking revenue and brand reputation down with it
  2. Redundant assets can include cash and other marketable securities which have accumulated in a company's balance sheet. They may also include real estate (unless it is a real estate or development company), equipment, or other tangible assets that aren't directly used in the provision of services or goods of the selling company
  3. Redundant Default Gateway solutions in IPv4 networks. This article is an introduction to different default gateway solutions. Those technologies are enabling devices on IPv4 local subnets to have more than one Default gateway configured or at least some configuration that make them work half the way of ideal redundant solution. Idea behind this.
  4. 16. Although not the case here, if having redundant local variable is desired (I've had one time where this was the case - without getting into specifics), here's how to suppress this specific warning. @SuppressWarnings (UnnecessaryLocalVariable) public double depreciationAmount () { double depreciationAmount = (cost * percentDepreciated.
  5. ds of the Dalmatian family. While they're keen to recover and resume their 'normal' lives, a new face has made its home across the way, that could once again, throw Camden's biggest family, into chaos

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A Redundant Colon or a 'Tortuous colon' is a congenital abnormality of the intestines such that the colon is longer than what is considered normal. Though not necessarily dangerous, it is usually diagnosed as a result of a colonoscopy and may make it a more difficult procedure Eliminating redundant material, avoiding narration and identical text will be a good way to let learners learn well. The basic reason is people can't focus when they both hear and see the same verbal message during a presentation (Hoffman, 2006). Potential Problems with Adding Redundant On-Screen Tex Redundant Power Features & Benefits. An Acopian Redundant Power Package is installed by simply connecting the AC input and DC output terminals. All wiring (including isolation diodes, output monitor circuits, switches, meters, adjustments and connectors) has been done for you RFC 2198 RTP Payload for Redundant Audio Data September 1997 o There is a large overhead from the number of bytes needed for the extension header (4) and the possible padding that is needed at the end of the extension to round up to a four byte boundary (up to 3 bytes). For many applications this overhead is unacceptable

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There's no load balancing load balancers at the very top of your architecture, you just make your LBs redundant and set up an High Availability solution to handle failures as most clustering typologies do. - Xavier Lucas May 6 '15 at 23:5 Opposite of the excess use of words, especially using more than are needed for clarity or precision. taciturnity. succinctness. brevity. Noun. . Opposite of redundant use of words, a pleonasm, an unnecessary and tedious repetition. contradiction. oxymoron

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Redundant interface sets cannot be bound to a cluster link aggregation. A link redundant set is specified in N/LR/X notation (for example, 1/LR/3). Where: N is the ID of the cluster node on which the redundant interface set is to be created. X is a link-redundant set identifier on a cluster node. X can range from 1-4 An example of redundant is someone repeating the same story over and over again. Is redundancy a literary device? A pleonasm is a literary term, literary tool, and literary device. Well, that was redundant! A pleonasm is when one uses too many words to express a message. A pleonasm can either be a mistake or a tool for emphasis

Small details you missed in The Story of Fire SagaLocal firefighters learn how to fight propane fires - NewsThe SOHO SpacecraftNASA Michoud Assembly Facility - Broadmoor LLCOpposite and redundant roles of the two DrosophilaNew Photos of Construction at Universal Orlando's

I think he is saying from a life safety perspective redundant is good. in mining we use 5 layers. a neut gnd resistor, as low as 100 mA. Secondary on the main cb, small td of 0.1 to 0.2 sec. a pt across it to trip at 50%. a ct on it to trip at 40%. both trip the main. Primary on the branch ckt. gf relay tripping branch cb at 30% Redundanță se referă la predictibilitatea sau convenționalitatea unui mesaj. Dacă un mesaj este redundant, deci mai puțin informativ prin repetitivitate, atunci poate fi înțeles cu mai multă ușurință. În procesul de comunicare, redundanța este vitală pentru inteligibilitatea mesajului. Se poate spune că redundanța ajută la. Avoiding redundant exercises is an overlooked programming strategy for improving the productivity and efficiency of your workouts. Here are five common redundant exercises, along with exercises you should do instead to make the most of your training time. 1 - Bicep Curls. Many popular curl exercises are just variations of the same theme redundant colon is in stage of disease 4 - tissue disease If you have symptoms in this category it means your imbalances have overwhelmed your body's resistance causing a full-fledged disease. Once imbalance reaches this stage it is more likely to cause acute or chronic conditions Definition and synonyms of redundant from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of redundant.View American English definition of redundant.. Change your default dictionary to American English Check 'redundant' translations into Tagalog. Look through examples of redundant translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar