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Welcome to the Avocado Society of Kenya. We are a digital marketing agency focused on creative and results-driven solutions for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1,000. SEE OUR LATEST WORK Welcome to the Avocado Society of Kenya (ASOK 4. Background of Avocado Farming in Kenya 6 5. Avocado fruit and oil extraction 7 5.1. Avocado Oil Extraction Process 8 5.2. Final Product-Codex Standards. 9 5.3. Types of Avocado Oil Produced in Kenya 11 5.4. Producers and Suppliers of Avocado oil in Kenya 11 5.5. The market for avocado oil 11 5.6. Proposed Plant Capacity and Production.

Avo Pro LIMITED ('Avo Pro') is a private enterprise aimed at empowering and transforming lives. It is an avocado oil processing company based in Kenya. Our vision is to be Kenya's leading avocado oil exporter with international brand recognition as well as have a strong brand in the local and regional market These two huge white domes dominate the landscape alongside the Sagana River, near Murang'a in the Central Highlands of Kenya. With this clean natural gas, Olivado can power the two generators which run the factory, coolstores and our packhouse We have invested in the latest technologies & most advanced Avocado processing facility in Kenya. Our products are processed under HACCP Food Safety System, Global Gap and duly compliant with all Legal regulations and certification bodies such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Registration No. 12633090010) in U.S. and in Kenya such as. The Avocado Farming Experts in Kenya Our goal is to produce the best locally, naturally and organically grown avocado fruits and serve the needs of both our local and international markets

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  1. This was in 2013 when the Kisii County government licensed a private investor to set up an avocado processing factory. The investor started production but ran into problems, leading to the collapse..
  2. General view of our Avocado processing group Destoning and refining. Bertuzzi Avocado Destoners (Super Avocado Destoner and Jumbo Avocado Destoner) have been especially designed to automatically destone and partially peel fresh Avocados: by precisely separating stones and peels (up to 75/85%) from pulp, they allow to maximize both the yield and the quality of the final product
  3. Kisii avocado farmers are now a troubled lot after a factory started by the County Government to process their product ceased operations. The factory, which was commissioned by Governor James.

Hass cultivation, and the capacities of typical avocado operations in neighboring Kenya (2,000 to 8,000 metric tons per annum). The business will oversee all the activities involved in order to sell avocado internationally, including cultivation, sorting, cleaning, waxing and packing of avocado MIHANGO, NAIROBI, NAIROBI, Kenya,249 00507 We are based in Nairobi Kenya. We specialize manufacture of cold processed extra virgin avocado oil mainly for the cosmetic industry.We process expanding our plant to edible oil.Our is made from mature, ripe organically grown fruits. The purely pulp. use a.. • Avocado is a member of the Lauraceae family • It is one of the most important commercial fruits in Kenya, for both local and export markets • Mature fruits in Kenya are mostly available from Mar. -Sep. (small volumes Oct. -Feb.) • It is eaten raw (ripe) and also flavors soups, ice cream and milkshake processing facility in Kenya, it operates an integrated farmer-to-market model. The avocado oil is sold for export to traders and retailers in over 30 countries. The CFC has extended a USD 500,000 trade finance loan to accommodate the increasing interna-tional demand for certified organic avocado oil. Benefiting from Kenya's great climate condi Although Kenya has 7,500 ha under avocado production yielding about 81,000 t (Table 1), about 30,000 to 40,000 t is lost to poor pre- and postharvest handling practices; limite

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Entry Points for the Processed Avocado Industry Development Strategy Entry point 2: Set up appropriately small sized processing facilities at community level • In order to increase the production efficiency, it is essential for primary (crude) processing activities to happen near the production leve Mt. Kenya Avocado Farms is known across the world for exceptionally high quality Kenya avocado oil. The cold-pressed avocado oil is from the fruits that are harvested by hand, graded for quality and size, and processed professionally to ensure the purest product 3. The depth of peeling is even. 4. The feeding belt is used for automatic feeding, which is simple in design and convenient in use. 5. Less peeling, high recovery rate of finished products, and over 98% of finished products. 6. Mechanical processing eliminates the hidden danger of manual processing of infectious diseases and unsanitary products Production Process of Kenya Extra Virgin Avocado Oil Extracting oil from avocados is done in five stages: Fruit washing, de-stoning and de-skinning, mash preparation, thermal conditioning and oil extraction and purification Kenya pro­duces an es­tim­ated 115,000 met­ric tonnes of avo­ca­dos an­nu­ally, 70 per cent of which is grown by small­holder farm­ers. In Africa, Kenya is the second largest ex­porter of avo­ca­dos after South Africa

Avocado production in Kenya is still dominated by backyard trees, mainly for personal consumption. The commercial production area is estimated at about 7,500 hectares, with marketable production fluctuating between 60,000 and 90,000 metric tons. Kenya Reaching Record-High Exports in a Challenging 2020 Marke Croft's high quality extra virgin avocado oil is made from the finest grown Kenyan avocados. It is 100% natural and unrefined. The oil is extracted using a single cold pressed production method, which ensures all the essential nutrients are retained. Crofts guarantees a completely chemical and additive free extraction process Made in Kenya Avocado Oil Extraction Machine Directory - Offering Wholesale Kenyan Avocado Oil Extraction Machine from Kenya Avocado Oil Extraction Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors at TradeKey.co

avocado, mango, and passion fruit were developed by stakeholders, with assistance from ITC. These are to serve as the blueprint for developing the tree fruit sector in Kenya. The Netherlands Trust Fund Phase III (NTF III) Kenya Avocado project builds on the results and recommendation To be the global leader in avocado oil processing and exporter of fresh avocado and other produce with the aim of creating value for our customers and society. Each day, we work hoping to achieve two things: empower avocado growers in Kenya and Tanzania and offer fresh quality avocado fruits and avocado oil to customers around the world.. At Macfrut, Owuor also had a chance to make contact with an Italian investor already active in Africa and wishing to diversify his activity into Kenya's fresh and processed avocado market. This led to investment in a processing facility for fresh foods, mangos and avocados

Kenya has licensed investors from New Zealand to set up an avocado processing plant in Murang'a, opening new markets to farmers and employment opportunities to hundreds of jobless youths Hass-Avocado Market. In Kenya, avocado is one of the most consumed fruits that is readily available in the market all year round. Going by the latest HCDA statistics, avocado has a fair share among the leading export crops and Kenya stands out as a major player in the avocado export market

Avocado farming in Kenya and around the globe is gaining prominence partly because of the nutritious benefits of the avocado fruit. But where does one start in farming these delicious fruit? Full of flavor, packing a high nutrient punch and neatly protected by its own skin, it is no wonder that the amazing avocado is gaining popularity as a. With a capacity to process 80 tonnes of avocado daily, the processing plant is expected to benefit Kisii and Nyamira farmers who currently sell their produce to middlemen at throw away prices. The avocado processing lines, 100% designed and produced by Unisorting, were created to simplify industrial processes and generate great reductions in cost. Unisorting lines ensure the utmost saving also at the packing stages. Unisorting. Where traceability and serenity go hand in hand. Unisorting Farmers in Central Province are expected to benefit from a multi-million-shilling avocado processing factory that is under construction in Murang'a County. The Alivando group of companies will. Processing techniques. Avocado can be processed into avocado salsa, guacamole blend, avocado pulp, spicy guacamole, and avocado drinks. Upon receiving the fruit, it is washed in a machine with rotating brushes and chlorinated water (200 ppm). Then its temperature is homogenized to 5°C to allow an even ripening

Currently the firm has an exclusive market with various partners and customers in Europe where they are selling the Kenya avocados. Other markets are Middle East, Russia, Turkey and Asia. Keitt's confidence in the future of the avocado is informed by reports the market is growing globally for the fresh market and processing into oil Already the sixth-largest supplier to Europe, Kenya's avocado exports rose 33 percent to $127m in the year to October 2020, according to the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya The Nation visited the site of the proposed avocado factory at the Agriculture Training Centre, near Kisii town. Equipment bought for the processing plant lies wasting away outside the iron sheet-walled structure that is supposed to be the factory. The machines are rusting, with vegetation taking over inside the building, which was completed in.

Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (Kephis) which is in charge of the checking compliance of avocado to the Chinese market, only one farmer had met the criteria for export by the end of last year. The Avocado Association of Kenya also confirmed that the farmer is a commercial grower meaning that the impact of exports to China was negligible The highest paid avocado fetched Sh48 per piece, the best price realised so far. Governor Mwangi wa Iria said the fruit raked in Sh5 billion for local farmers who sell to other processing. From its processing facility based in Kenya, Murang'a county, it operates a vertically integrated farmer-to-market model under the Olivado brand. The avocado oil is sold for export to traders and retailers in over 30 countries. Alongside its primary activity of avocado oil production, Olivado has installed a biogas plant in 2019 to produce. The Nyeri government plans to set up an avocado processing and packaging plant in the next one to two years, Governor Mutahi Kahiga said on Sunday Kenya: Avocado Processing and Marketing Bill rattles industry. The recent plans proposed by Murang'a governor Mwangi wa Iria to introduce a law regulating the avocado sub-sector, has sent.

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The revenue from Kenya's booming avocado business is a blip compared to tourism, which reaped $1.6 billion in 2019. Please select the most appropriate category to facilitate processing of your. The company is currently setting up an avocado processing factory in Eldoret, Kenya that will ensure farmers get a ready market for their produce at lucrative and competitive prices. Farmers in these counties should, therefore, take advantage of this life-changing opportunity presented to them NAIROBI, Kenya May 18 - Kenyan integrated agro-business firm Kakuzi PLC has confirmed plans to strengthen its Avocado smallholder base as part of a shared prosperity business plan. Alongside the smallholder development plans, the firm is focusing on agricultural production expansion and diversification projects for its Macadamia, Blueberry, Livestock and commercial forestry business lines Today CPAO is produced also in Chile, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Samoa and other countries. Subsequently they built a complete processing plant to extract CPAO from the avocado fruit. The extraction process in use is as follows. 1. Fruit washing process. The first washing is performed by immersion in order to remove dust from the surface of.

Sasini PLC has recently ventured into Macadamia with a newly built state of the art factory and Avocado processing for export. Today, Sasini PLC is an integrated agribusiness that is well on its way to becoming an African pacesetter in the growing, processing and marketing of quality agri-based products to the world How To Grow Avocado? Avocado Farming, Process and Profit About Avocado Fruit Farming. Avocado fruits are also known as Elegator Pierce, which is mostly grown in Mexico, Peru, India, Kenya, Persia, Chile, USA, Colombia, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Brazil and many other countries, all over the world. Avocadoes are also known as the butter fruits is an evergreen tree of the.

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2020 Business Plan . September 12, 2019 . Emiliano Escobedo . Executive Director . Hass Avocado Board . 25212 Marguerite Pkwy., Suite 250 . Mission Viejo, CA 9269 The industrial centrifuge separates the avocado pulp into the fruit flesh, oil and water phases. Following this, the separator refines the oil phase and removes ultrafine impurities. This process is gentle to the product and is appropriate for producing the highest grade of avocado oil. Processing with the Tricanter® leads to a high yield. Strain the oil. Take the reservoir out from the bottom of the press. You may see bits of avocado fruit or skin floating in the oil. If you see anything aside from the oil in the reservoir, strain the oil by placing a coffee filter inside a fine strainer, then resting the strainer inside a bowl pouring the oil through the strainer into the bowl. The coffee filter will catch any chunks of. 00508 NAIROBI KENYA. Consignee Name. Jedwards International Inc. Consignee Address. CAMPANELLI DRIVE BRAINTREE 02184. Notify Party Name. Carmichael International Service. Notify Party Address. 140 EASTERN AVENUE, CHELSEA MA, 02150, CTC: ROBERT VITTOZI, TEL +617-887-1600, TEFAX +617-887-0247

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Vegbatian Exporters Ltd is a Kenyan owned company and a leading processor of avocado oil. The company's vision is to deliver the highest quality cold pressed avocado oil that meets the global market standards. When the fruits are received at the processing plant, they go through quality checks at the entry point followed by a well. Avocado exports earn Kenya Sh4.6bn in three months. The value of Kenya's avocado exports jumped 93 per cent to Sh4.26 billion in the first quarter of this year compared to the previous period, data by the Horticulture Directorate shows, buoyed by improved demand in global markets

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The AVOCADO SOCIETY OF KENYA jointly in collaboration with other regional and international organizations in the Avocado valuechain in Africa and beyond are pleased to announce to all stakeholders around the world that the grand International Africa Avocado Congress (Avocado Africa 2021) will be held at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya on June 23rd - 25th 2021 Lunga Lunga Road, Nairobi, Kenya. P.O. BOX 2221 00610; Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London UK. EC1V 2NX +254722859837 - Processing plant; 44 (0 )2030 867497 - UK branch +254-74072572 Fruit and Vegetable Juice Processing In Kenya. Fruits and vegetables can be categorised into soft pulpy e.g papaya, mango, peaches, avocado, tomato and hard e.g apples, pears, carrots, beetroot . Whilst most hard fruits/veg can be processed into both clarified clear juices as well as nectar pulp juices, soft pulpy fruits/veg are not. Olivado Limited, an agribusiness company based in the Export Processing Zone in Murang'a County in central Kenya, processes extra virgin avocado oil and exports fresh avocados.The firm is a subsidiary of a New Zealand based company which commands 78% of the world's extra virgin cold pressed avocado oil production, with its product sold in more than 35 countries through a network of 5,000. April 22, 2021. NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 22 - Listed integrated Kenyan agricultural firm Kakuzi PLC has announced a free fruit maturity testing service for smallholder avocado farmers for the current harvest period. As part of the firm's out-grower development programs, Kakuzi, the prime exporter of quality Hass variety avocados will provide free.

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Kisii County is on course to be a major avocado oil producer in the country. Kisii Governor James Ongwae early in the week flagged off 30 tonnes of avocado oil destined for Mexico Kenya seeks to tap growing avocado demand in Egypt. Kenya is eyeing bigger exports of avocado to Egypt amid rising demand for the fruit in the north African nation. The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) has invited farmers to submit their product specification for export of one-40 feet container (with 20 pellets) to Cairo

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Guacamole: technology makes way for explosion in processed products The California Avocado Commission began promoting guacamole for its potential as a Super Bowl and Cinco de Mayo staple decades ago, with some success.. Today, the popularity of processed fresh guacamole is skyrocketing. It's as ubiquitous — and American — as cheese dip and hot dogs at tailgates and Super Bowl parties Home Avocado Avocado. Tanzania is the third largest avocado produce in Africa, after South Africa and Kenya. The Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) estimates the country's avocado annual production to be about 7,000 tonnes

Congress (Avocado Africa 2021) will be held at The Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya on June 23rd - 25th 2021. Themed, Avocado Africa; A Convergence of technology and business for increased competitiveness and trade, the event will draw participation of Avocado sector stakeholders from all over the world 5 Kenya Fact sheet, Feed the Future, January 2013. Kenya is one of the world's largest producers of avocados, with production of 110,000 tons in 2010. 6 For comparison, the largest producer is Mexico with about 1 million tons produced annually. 7 Local varieties dominate Kenyan production (about 70% of total), whereas Fuerte and Hass. It is a good time to be an avocado farmer especially if you are in these regions; Eastern, Central, parts of Nyanza, Rift Valley and Western. Companies already working with farmers to export avocados are EPZ, Sunripe. Shanghai Greenchain has set up operations in Nairobi to facilitate the export processing of avocados

He and other avocado farmers formed Ngenyilel Farmers Group with 35 mem­bers to help meet the demand. Currently, the group has over 60 acres under avocado. Mr Tuwei believes a processing plant will help farmers to export their produce or help in value addition. We need a processing plant to be able to export our farm produce, he says Market Analysis and Insights: Global Avocado Processing Market. Avocado processing market is expected to reach USD 3.42 billion by 2027 growing at a growth rate of 8.20% in the forecast period 2020 to 2027. Increasing disposable income of the growing number of population will act as a factor for the avocado processing market in the forecast. The avocado trade has become a mature business with many professional players. This has raised the bar to a very high level. Besides the large multinational companies with associated growers, there are several professional exporters increasing their businesses, such as Peru's Camposol, Colombia's Cartamo and Kenya's Mt. Kenya Avocado Farms active in the avocado and mango industry for the last 40 years. Specialised Oil's have strong business experience, systems and technical skills in place to drive the project with the implementation and operating the project. about 30km from Thohoyandou. Locatio

Deputy Director Agriculture (In charge of Avocado Processing Pack House) Murang'a County Public Service Board Rest of Kenya | Full Time | KSh Confidential Job Function: Farming & Agriculture 2d Activate Notifications Stay productive - get the latest updates on Jobs & New Avoil Industries Ltd. is leading processor of Crude Avocado Oil, in Kenya. The company started operations in 2004 and uses the latest technology and machinery in its production process. Located in the heart of the Avocado growing region the company processes the finest grade of fruit At the same time the construction of our state-of-the-art organic avocado oil processing line started. By early 2019 , the farmer cooperatives obtained the organic certifications and in August 2019 the factory produced its first batches of organic avocado oil

This is a list of Export Processing Zone (EPZ) companies in Kenya. These are firms that are mainly engaged in export-oriented investments. They process products meant for the export market. EPZ companies may be 100% foreign-owned, 100% Kenyan owned or have a combination of foreign and Kenyan ownership Sasini PLC is a public quoted Company listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange with over 6,000 shareholders, majority of whom are Kenyans. The principal activities of this Company, which straddle the breadth of Kenya, are the growing and processing of Tea, Coffee, Avocado and Macadamia nuts, dairy operations and value addition of the related products for local retail and export markets. The testing services will also help boost the national branding objectives geared at positioning Kenya as a quality avocado fruits source market. The free fruit maturity testing services, he said, will be provided at the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management Systems certified Kakuzi Avocado Processing and Packhouse facility located near Makuyu town.

In 2013, the Kisii county government licensed a private investor to set up an avocado processing factory. The investor started production but ran into problems, leading to the collapse of th Processing & Value Addition. Basic Export Requirements (Fruit,Vegetable) in Kenya: Jams and Preserves: the basic export requirements for fruits and vegetables in Kenya. Avocado. Pack size 10-18 pieces with a maximum of 4 kg per box. Fruits should be uniform in size, at most 5 mm stalk attached to the fruit, wax polish to prevent. The list of SMEs in Kenya is a revelation that both the citizens and the government are in one accord towards a greater and more prosperous country. Image: trueblaqkenya.com Source: UGC. To date, Kenya remains the leader in East Africa, in terms of economic performance, owing to the new crop of new Kenyan companies each year

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The testing services will also help boost the national branding objectives geared at positioning Kenya as a quality avocado fruits source market. Odhiambo said the testing services will be provided at the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management Systems certified Kakuzi Avocado Processing and Packhouse facility located near Makuyu town, along the. Avocado Oil Processing Equipment, Agriculture, Kenya Posted on: Jul 09, 2021 Buyer: romala Buying Frequency: One time Location: Kenya Kenya Many farmers in Kenya invest in mango orchards. However, there are a number of production-related hindrances at farm level, including: Limited access to good quality planting materials-There is a general shortage of grafted planting materials of improved and higher yielding varieties in many areas Color - Avocado varieties, which change to any shade of red or purple when mature, except for the Linda variety, may be imported if any portion of the skin of the fruit has changed to the normal color for that variety when mature, or if the fruit meets the following minimum weight or diameter requirements as established in the Avocado maturity regulations (§944.31)

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Kenya has about 7,500ha under the crop with more than 70 per cent of total avocado production coming from smallholder farmers. Increased investment by the county governments has come as a boon to many farmers who previously had to suffer low prices from ravenous brokers-fleecing farmers of their incomes Those who have not collected your movement Fresh Produce stickers . Kindly get in touch. Ensure you have your stickers. We are working on a general staff pass too. We will do our best to see.. Olivado EPZ Limited. Olivado EPZ Ltd (OEPZ) is one of the world's largest suppliers of organic fair trade avocado oil. The company manufactures a range of cold pressed extra virgin oils and natural cooking oils for the edible and cosmetic oil international markets. Olivado operates as a social enterprise integrating small scale farmers into.


According to the California Avocado Commission (CAC), there are currently 51,800 producing acres, 3,210 acres of new plantings, and 7,830 acres are in topped/stumped condition in California for 2011. Acreage has declined by about 6000 acres since year 2001. San Dieg 1-10 tons per day small scale avocado oil refining machine is for intermittent oil production. It adopts many advantages that large and medium-sized refinery have but takes up less spaces. It is an integrated complete system that includes heating system and electric control system

Farm to Fork Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya. 4,793 likes · 7 talking about this · 1 was here. Farm To Fork is involved in training, auditing and consultancy for various local and international consumers,.. Avocado Oil. The avocado was first discovered in Mexico in 291 B.C. The rich, creamy fruit reached the far corners of the earth through trade and is still heralded as one of the world's most delicious healthy foods. Our 100% Pure Avocado Oil comes from Michoacán, Mexico, the largest avocado-producing region in the world Supplier From Kenya, Kilifi, Kenya Fresh vegetables, dried moringa leaves, sunflower seeds, simsim seeds, frozen rabbit meat and fish products..Service provider working with farmers in east africa region. provides advisory services to farmers and fishermen, aggregates products and market linkage and resulted in 40% of avocado fruits showed moldy fungal growth that probably cause avocado decay (Figure 3). On the other hand, wholesaler-II has somewhat good ventilated storage house in the top wells (Figures 4 and 5), that saved their avocado from deterioration or decaying problem. But, their storage facility was yet a traditional type

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