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35+ Illuminated Alphabet Coloring Pages for printing and coloring. You can use our amazing online tool to color and edit the following Illuminated Alphabet Coloring Pages. Search through 623,989 free printable colorings at GetColorings. LIMITED OFFER: Get 10 free Shutterstock images - PICK10FRE Illuminated Letters in .PNG format. Free coloring pages to download and print. Click any coloring page to see a larger version and download it

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Some of the coloring page names are Illuminated enochian letters 1 by sixwingedangel on deviantart, Illuminated e alphabet s f788 coloring, Alice stanne illuminated letters lettering and, Monogram coloring at, Illuminated letters coloring at, Fileilluminated manuscripts middleton, 10 images about illuminated letters on, Illuminated letters coloring at, Illuminated manuscript coloring at, Illuminated manuscripts coloring, Illuminated letters coloring at, Uncial alphabet sketch Apr 14, 2017 - Explore Michelle McGrath's board Illuminated Letters, followed by 7889 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about illuminated letters, illuminated manuscript, letters Feb 24, 2021 - Explore Maureen Peters's board Illuminated Letters, followed by 203 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about illuminated letters, letters, letter art

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This year I'm making it a project to learn how to illuminate, including the trickiest part - learning to gild! I'm posting a letter a week - more or less -. Illuminated Letter W Colouring Page We have all 26 letters of the alphabet drawn in detailed doodles for you to colour in! This printable is for the letter W. Choose from our detailed and ornate version, or a more simplistic colouring page below. Illuminated Letter X Colouring Pag Illuminated Letter W Colouring Card Inspired by flora and fauna, this beautiful letter W colouring card would make a lovely personalised card to send to family and friends. Take some time and enjoy colouring in the embellished version, or choose the simpler design if you prefer. Illuminated Letter X Colouring Car

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Students will select the letters to make one of the words, then colour these and attach to triangles of coloured paper. These will then be glued vertically down a large pop stick to make a decoration that they can take home. Illuminated Letters Resource Pack. FREE Resource! Anglo Saxons Colouring Sheets illuminated letters colouring How does this resource excite and engage children's learning? This lovely set of coloring sheets feature a selection of different images all related to this topic. Great for a variety of activities, you can use them to reinforce fine motor skills, as inspiration for independent writing, or just for fun

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  1. In the Middle Ages, the alphabet was a popular vehicle for amusement and instruction, as well as beauty. Precisely rendered from treasured medieval manuscripts by one of New York's foremost designers, this ready-to-color collection features 50 initial letters aglow with fanciful devices, symbolic elements, floral interlacements, biblical scenes, grotesque animals, portraits of war and play.
  2. ated Manuscripts. In medieval and early modern Europe, colours represented man's place in society and the universe. In everyday objects and sumptuous artworks, colours expressed global beliefs, regional fashions and individual tastes. Most colourful items have perished or lost their original pigments, but we can still.
  3. ated Letters Printable Alphabet. This PDF was created for The Cheater's Illu

Illuminated letters are colorful, illustrated letters that are decorated with gold or silver. In early manuscripts, they served as placeholders in the text,. Bordering on Brilliance. Precision-fabricated letters and logos combine the refined look of metal with the stopping power of extended, illuminated acrylic. The extra edge of acrylic creates a glowing effect that gets your signage noticed. Stainless steel and aluminumu0003 fabricated options. Face or halo LED lighting

Illuminated letters still show up from time to time in decorative use-and the ability to draw and paint them yourself is a fun skill to have. They look great on stationery, used as a monograms for personalizing gifts and, of course, go perfect with calligraphy. Here are tips for illuminating letters This is a perfect gift for any Christian who is well versed in Christian history. The illuminated manuscripts are a blessing to color and if you want exact color charts the titles help you Internet search. I color listening to orthodox chant on Spotify and then look it up to see how close my vision was to the original Illuminated letters are hand-drawn, intricately decorated letters, usually the first letter in a book or chapter of a book. These are often found in books from the middle ages. Look at some examples of illuminated letters. Less water on the brush will give you a richer color and allow you more control over where the color settles

Illuminated-J Coloring Page Printable Coloring Page, free to download and print. Download Now (PNG format) My safe download promise. Downloads are subject to this site's term of use. Downloaded > 3,000 times. This coloring page belongs to these categories: Illuminated Letters. Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter — you'll be the first to. Printable Illuminated Letters Coloring Pages #4. Saved by Erik Stone. 1.5k. Alphabet Coloring Pages Colouring Pages Coloring Sheets Coloring Books Adult Coloring Pages Kids Colouring Free Coloring Alphabet A Arabic Alphabet Illuminated letters are colorful, illustrated letters that are decorated with gold or silver. In early manuscripts, they served as placeholders in the text, and added interest to documents. Illuminated letters were traditionally created using real gold in the form of a fine powder. You can still purchase real gold powder or gold leaf

The letters are made from 1/2 Baltic Birch Plywood, they are strong, and has smooth edges and clean face, very easily to recognize, and ready to be painted. You can use any acrylic or latex paint, scrap book, material. We don't use MDF, this is wood. The height of the letters is from 6 to 12 . The letters are for Indoor only An illuminated letter was usually the first letter of a page or paragraph. It was always enlarged and in color with gold applied in areas, while the rest of the text remained black. The images used to enhance the letters include animals, plants, and mythological creatures Do not apply mordant in the area of the vine that goes over the letter I. (You can also colour the letter I using gold-toned paint, gold-toned ink, gold-toned markers or pens. In that case, skip to Step 19 after colouring in the I but leaving the area of the vine that passes over the letter I without colour.) 17. Lay gold leaf Illuminated letters coloring book star pages for preschoolers teenage girl dragonfly mandala printable christmas sheets gel pen sets magical jungle colouring batman of boy year olds scaled. Illuminated letters colouring colouring pages how does this resource excite and engage childrens learning. Free coloring sheets to print and download

Early art are for illuminated letters color the page so allow space for this coloring sheets even coloring contests. Walls of the letter s, and open it is the buyer. Purchase links to color of characters to know other letters on parchment made for a line. Let them color of illuminated letters to submit your design should not present The Art of Illuminated Letters - a practical guide for calligraphers - by Timothy Noad and Patricia Seligman. This is a lovely book with step-by-step guides to create five illuminated letters from different eras. Illuminated Letters - a treasury of decorative calligraphy by Margaret Morgan. This is a comprehensive little guide with an. My obsessive project a few years ago was to design a super fancy alphabet, a collection of capital letters in a variety of detailed styles. Now that the pen and ink part of the project is done, Ive created a small coloring book from the black-and-white images. Each page is finely detailed, an

3 full-color illuminated letter N images from the 1500s. One's gilded. All are lovely. Illuminated Letter O. A trio of beautiful illuminated letter O images from the 16th Century. Two are gilded. One is a bit smaller. Just waiting to be added to your own art. Illuminated Letter P Can also be used as a Medieval illuminated letter. Other alternate files included; this image/illustration also in AICS3 & CS3 eps, and also in two more color-ways — Pink & red with a white background and a grayscale version with a white background (AICS3, CS3 eps, AI10 eps). medieval illuminated letter stock illustration Letters with thick strokes may have the full return illuminated! For slimmer letters, a part of the return is illuminated and the rest is painted. Front and back are painted to any Pantone color code Jul 23, 2021 - Explore Diana Koeppel's board illuminated letters, followed by 102 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about illuminated letters, lettering alphabet, letter art The 60-30-10 rule is helpful to follow, where 60% of the piece is your main color, 30% your secondary and 10% your accent. Then, if needed, add 1-2 more colors from there. Choosing colors that have the same hues but are different tints and shades will also keep your palette more consistent

Been working on my Gothic script for a while. I'd like to make illuminated pages. I'm really struggling with creating illuminated letters. I also do water color painting. Any help and guidance to get better would be greatly appreciated! 1. View Entire Discussion (1 Comments Medieval Illuminated Letter NThis is an archival print of my original artwork, painted in acrylics on goatskin parchment. It shows a beautifully illuminated letter N painted in a late medieval style, with elaborate acanthus leaves twining within and around the letter. N is for Night, and so a starry night sky fills the interior space Do Google it and be amazed. So I was immediately interested in this new alphabet colouring book based on the illuminated manuscripts held in the British Library. My colouring. 1475-1525. Title: Colour Your Own medieval Alphabet. Artists: adapted for colouring by Kuo Kang Chen for the British Library. Here is my video flip through - Illuminated Initials in Full Color / Grafton. B1999. Illuminated Initials in Full Color by Carol Belanger Grafton. 1995. 48pp. 9.25 x12.25. Paper. 548 illuminated letters have been selected from 19th-century reproductions of medieval manuscripts and are arranged alphabetically. The letters encompass a wide range of historical styles A letter which is used in the first letter of a book or chapter, a page or paragraph will be explained on Facts about Illuminated Letters. It also known as decorated letters. There are many pictures decorate the illuminated letter such as plants, animals, and mythological creatures. Besides, there is gold color in the area of th

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In the video tutorial below, I have picked up a color scheme from a beautiful photo of a budgie. The colors I selected give association to retro magazine images from the 50ies or 60ies. Needless to say, I don't usually paint with this color combination. The illustration is an illuminated letter C and I absolutely love drawing illuminated letters Call us today to place your order! 1-844-900-SIGN (7446) We provide the following options for your choice of Illuminated Letters and Signs: Finish: Brushed/ Polished/ Painted with your color. Height: 4 ~ 36. LED Colors: White/ Red/ Blue/ Green/ Yellow/ RGB All of the letters are capital letters as illuminated letters would have been. Print the first letter of student names and let them color the pages as they want. There is NO curriculum with this resource. It is ONLY the coloring pages. This is just an add-on to your already planned curriculum and you will need to teach illuminated letters to them Medieval Illuminated Letters Coloring Pages Simplified Me Val Illuminated Letters Coloring Pages Alphabet and all other pictures, designs or photos on our website are copyright of their respective owners. we get our pictures from another websites, search engines and other sources to use as an inspiration for you. please contact us if you think.

Mar 2, 2019 - Anyone whose name begins with the letter A is sure to appreciate this lovely colouring page in illuminated letter style! There are two versions to choose from. The first, pictured, has lots of detail These new channel letter lights automatically rotate thru 7 or more different internally-lighted face colors! Or, custom colors can be generated! The duration time between color changes is remotely controllable, or you can pause on a single color. Every channel letter can change colors independently is desired Browse 8,338 incredible Illuminated Letters vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy An illuminated letter is the first letter you see in a manuscript that appears enlarged and decorated with elaborate calligraphy and imagery. Originating in the Middle Ages or before, illuminated letters were hand-drawn with bright colors and gold or silver to brighten or illuminate the page, as well as help display the story told in the text to those who couldn't read it

Illuminated letters coloring pages numbers for preschoolers alphabet free printable bathroom ideas art terms pdf. It is important to have the right approach to kids education. Boys and girls love arcade games but don't like school at times. Still, the years as a child are the best time to get education. And thus, it is actually a good teaching method to combine different games and the. To demonstrate what a big difference color can make to watercolor painting, I have created a second video tutorial for the illuminated letter C illustration. This time around, instead of using pale vintage colors, I am splashing out with vibrant greens and yellow that I picked up from a photo of a beautiful damselfly

The book is in the style of a medieval illuminated manuscript and incorporates both art and writing. Students decorate large uppercase letters of the alphabet and draw an original picture to illustrate each letter. Learning Objectives. Students should be able to: • use shape, texture, and color to decorate an uppercase letter pub, 136.5 KB. ppt, 1.6 MB. R.E. , Christianity, Lindisfarne, illuminated script, illuminated letters, worksheet to help children design own lilluminated letter, fully editable (add more letters) Art and Design, Calligraphy, Golden Time Treat, combines to make a superb display. Tes classic free licence. Report this resource to let us know if it. Neon color oblique letters and.. Vector. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #91883081 - Glowing ultra violet neon character font vector illustration. Vector. Similar Images . Add to Likebox Illuminated decorated number letters symbolising 50th anniversary.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #90066289 - Live music neon sign with letters and numbers A splendid example of the sophistication of this decoration is found in a copy of Bede's Historia ecclesiastica (Ecclesiastical History of the English People) (British Library, Cotton MS Tiberius C II).This book gives its name to a group of manuscripts made in Kent and Mercia (corresponding to an area in the East Midlands) sometimes known as the 'Tiberius' group Paste the letter on a colorful sheet of construction paper and gently rub Crayola Oil Pastels into the low relief areas of the letter to add color. Crayola Bold Glitter Glue can be applied to further embellish the illuminated letter and the design details can extend on the background sheet of construction paper

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Illuminated Letters T hese Illuminated Letters are from the French book L'Ornementation des Manuscrits au Moyen-Age (The Ornamentation of Manuscripts of the Middle Age), was published in 1894.These beautiful red and blue letters are embellished with lovely tendrils of leaves and flowers on a gold background. The letters in this set include A through F Channel letters can be illuminated or non-illuminated to create a 3D effect. They can be made in a way that the front face is lit with LEDs, which allows for the option of colour for the front faces. The other lighting option is to have the light exit the back of the letter and bounce off the wall for a backlit, reverse-lit, or halo-lit effect Printable Letters to Color - if you love coloring, you'll love these free printable letters which each feature a black and white pattern which is perfect for coloring with pens or pencils.Create your own unique look with your custom coloring scheme. Free Printable Upper Case Alphabet - this alphabet is in upper case and has a large bold, easy to read style

Home / Bathroom Ideas / Illuminated Letters Coloring Pages / Printable Illuminated Lettersng Pages With Images Free Alphabet Medieval. Posted on March 11, 2020 by mAm59t. 7 Tips for Decorating a Living Room The living room is generally one of the largest rooms in your home, as well as one of the first that people see when they come over. It can. Another name for the subtractive color process is the CMYK color process. What do the letters CMYK represent? cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. A pure red apple illuminated by white light? A pure red apple illuminated by red light? A pure red apple illuminated by blue light? red, red, and purple Browse 33 medieval illuminated alphabet stock illustrations and vector graphics available royalty-free or search for medieval illuminated letter to find more great stock images and vector art. medieval illuminated manuscript letters and design elements, 15th century - medieval illuminated alphabet stock illustrations Illuminated manuscripts gained popularity in the 12th century when illustrators started using thin sheets of precious metals to add light, or illumination, to their paintings. Making an illuminated manuscript today is a fun way to pay homage to the time when all books were made by hand, including the binding

The word miniature, derived from the Latin verb miniare (to colour with minium, a red lead) indicates a small illustration used to decorate an ancient or medieval illuminated manuscript; the simple illustrations of the early codices having been miniated or delineated with that pigment.The generally small scale of such medieval pictures has led to etymological confusion with minuteness and to. 20,064 Illuminated Letters clip art images on GoGraph. Download high quality Illuminated Letters clip art from our collection of 42,000,000 clip art graphics Artful Illuminated Alphabet Letters If you love to color illuminated letters; if you love to scrapbook with fancy patterned letters; if you love to color abstract designs; if you love to color Zen-Doodled patterns; if you love to draw or color shading and patterns but are uncomfortable with drawing the base images, this book is for you Illuminated Initials in Full Color: 548 Designs. Among the glories of extant medieval manuscripts are the splendid illuminated initials in which geometric, curvilinear, animal, religious and other motifs intertwine to form extraordinarily beautiful and decorative letters. For this striking volume, Carol Belanger Grafton has selected 548.

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The state Capitol in Sacramento was illuminated in rainbow colors to celebrate LGBT Pride Month on Monday night, June 21, 2021, as large illuminated letters spelled out pride on the building. Next come birds, dogs, dragons, vine-stems, and spirals embedded in couches of colour; but, whatever its character, always it is the letter that governs and originates the ornament. Only at the very end of its life, when the border has completely eclipsed the initial, is the idea of origin forgotten To get your brand or business noticed, choose from the largest selection of custom Illuminated and Lighted Sign Letters and Logo options in the industry. Our Lighted Letters are available in Brushed or Polished Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper. They can also be painted in any color or have color changing RGB LEDs to make them really stand out Coloring page 01a. alphabet end of 15th century - coloring picture 01a. alphabet end of 15th century. Free coloring sheets to print and download. Images for schools and education - teaching materials. Img 11250 These are large black-and-white letter images that you can color in the same way as you would digital stamps with marker pens, ink, or other coloring methods. These free printable letters are saved in .png files with a transparent background so you can layer them together to spell out words without worrying about a white box appearing around.

Free Printable Coloring Pages. Apart from the individual letter worksheets, we will also provide with two additional kindergarten & preschool worksheets. These worksheets contain all letters of the alphabet. Once the preschooler or toddler is comfortable with all 26 letters, you can think about introducing this worksheet Super coloring - free printable coloring pages for kids, coloring sheets, free colouring book, illustrations, printable pictures, clipart, black and white pictures, line art and drawings. Supercoloring.com is a super fun for all ages: for boys and girls, kids and adults, teenagers and toddlers, preschoolers and older kids at school Decorated Letters. This gallery contains illuminated letters in a variety of decorated styles ranging from medieval to modern. Some of the letters are from a series that began as individual works for exhibition, but evolved into a more ambitious project (still in progress) of developing a How-To guide showing in detail the stages of design, painting, and illumination that goes into producing.

Fantastic Additions to Any Occasion. From alluring love hearts and colour changing numbers to vintage marquee lights, we can provide you access to the most exciting range of big letters in Sydney and beyond. Whatever the occasion you have in mind, why not express yourself in the best possible way with our event brightening and occasion igniting illuminated light up letter range Illuminated Signs. 3D Letters. Stickers & Labels For All Signs Window Stickers. Wallpaper Graphics. Sandblast Designs. Floor Stickers. Landas Colour gives the opportunity to the client to design a custom product which is very flexible and ensures that all clients are satisfied There are many options when choosing channel letters. They can be produced in almost any size, font or color. They can be illuminated or back lit. See samples below to help you decide which look is best for your needs. Illuminated Box Signs Illuminated box sign are highly visible and are also a very professional looking sign choice. All our. Next Level Illuminated Letters Printable Alphabet. This PDF was created for the Next Level Illuminated Letter Tutorial! To use it, complete the checkout process (this product is free), then open the PDF. Instruct your printer to print the page with the letter on it that you wish to create, then follow the tutorial

Illuminated Letters With Images Letter H Coloring Pages coloring pages year 3 activity sheets science for kindergarten 8th grade homework sheets fun interactive games amazing facts related to math 5. Confidence and Certainty Improvement.Kids give themselves a gigantic lift when they effective beginning and complete any errand or task. The equivalent goes for instructive shading pages The most common second colour in medieval manuscripts is red, a colour which was employed from about 400 CE. It was used for headings and initials (indeed headings are called 'rubrics' precisely because they were written in red), as well as for lines of writing and sometimes rules as well 93,710 illuminated letters stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See illuminated letters stock video clips. of 938. circus 3d letters circus marquee lights abc alphabet lights lights vector 3d circus illuminated alphabet retro light letters cinema lights font gold light letters. Try these curated collections

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Front-lit are illuminated from within, a variety of different patterns of lights to draw the attention of bystanders that pass by. Reverse. Could reverse lit is also referred to as the Halo Lit Channel letters, This is the type the Flash's light from behind the letters making it pop out causing girl 3D halo effect. Open-fac 1001 Illuminated Initial Letters: 27 Full-Color Plates. The illuminated letters in this volume by the great Victorian designer Owen Jones, many taken from an illustrated edition of The Psalms of David, represent popular alphabet motifs that have been copied by artists and designers for more than a century throughout Europe and North America

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Illuminated Initials in Full Color: 548 Designs Among the glories of extant medieval manuscripts are the splendid illuminated initials in which geometric, curvilinear, animal, religious and other motifs intertwine to form extraordinarily beautiful and decorative letters.For this striking volume, Carol Belanger Grafton has selected 548. 484 Free medieval illuminated letter clipart in AI, SVG, EPS or PSD. Christmas Tree with Star and Decoration in Blue. Origami The Letter Color Design Series 11. 3D Letter Design. Cupid Arrows ~ Letter Vectors. H And P Letter Logo Pack. Jay Letter Logo Pack. Letter to the Three Wise Men. Medieval Weapon Pack Silhouette The acrylic sheeting is available in a variety of color options, and can be customized to a wider spectrum of available colors through the use of high quality translucent vinyl or perforated vinyl from leading manufacturers including 3M, Avery, and Oracal. Today, nearly all internally-illuminated channel letters are made using LED.

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Color constancy is the ability of the eye-brain system to discern the true color of an object illuminated by various light sources. The retinex theory of color vision explains color constancy by postulating the existence of three retinexes or image systems, associated with the three types of cones that are compared to obtain sophisticated. It would be a tribute in the form of a traditional illuminated manuscript, but with a modern twist. Not only would it include a formal reading from his funeral, one which had great meaning to the family, but it would also capture the essence of who he was as a man. I debated long and hard about what color to paint it and finally decided to. Download 313,639 Coloring Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 167,950,467 stock photos online This is an excellent introduction to the fascinating art of illuminated lettering. Published in 2001. Price £11.99. Fully illustrated in colour throughout. An instructive and accessible beginner's guide containing everything you need to know to begin calligraphy. The art of creating beautiful letters is both fascinating and rewarding and this.

2 days for such a letter sounds reasonable. However then the result could be much better. Your use of layering doesn't help the image structure. It'd be something, like. front: black outlines. middle: coloring. bottom: backdrop. That means, each edge of the coloring is overlapped by the black outlines Halo illuminated 3D lettering is a great way of adding visual impact to your signage and to your business premises. For our halo lettering we take 3D or built up lettering and fit it with LED modules that create a halo of illumination that is reflected behind the lettering. You can order lettering in a range of materials (acrylic, aluminium or stainless steel) each of which offers a variety of. The Color of Objects. Here we consider the color of an object illuminated by white light. Color is produced by the absorption of selected wavelengths of light by an object. Objects can be thought of as absorbing all colors except the colors of their appearance which are reflected as illustrated in Fig. 5 medieval letter template. Students may only view and modify content in their very own note pad. Now that each trainee has an iPad, they don't simply have access to all the bodily books, however in addition they have simple accessibility to over 356,000 ebooks. Service students ought to also be able to examine data and present it in a fashion.

Can also be used as a Medieval illuminated letter. Other alternate files included; this image/illustration also in AICS3 & CS3 eps, and also in two more color-ways — Pink & red with a white background and a grayscale version with a white background (AICS3, CS3 eps, AI10 eps). illuminated letters stock illustration 2. Begin by examining the illuminated image. It is a historiated initial, a letter at the beginning of a section of a text that contains an identifiable scene or figure; in this case the image relates to the text. • Can you tell what the initial is? (This historiated initial 'A' is formed by the arching body of an elongated dragon. Print Free Celtic Calligraphy Alphabets from A to Z. Celtic, Gaelic, International, Medieval, Roman, Uncial. These are calligraphy alphabet letters in a Celtic theme. Download this set of free calligraphy as individual letter templates from A through Z below. These calligraphy templates come in high resolution A4 pdf format ( Portable Document. The Illuminated Alphabet. In the Middle Ages, the alphabet was a popular vehicle for amusement and instruction, as well as beauty. Precisely rendered from treasured medieval manuscripts by one of New York's foremost designers, this ready-to-color collection features 50 initial letters aglow with fanciful devices, symbolic elements, floral. Sizes and Material. Flat Cut Metal is our most customizable metal signage option. Our machines can cut it to any size you need, up to 36″, which is especially great for custom fonts or logos. We have many metal options and finishes to choose or you can ask for us to paint it any color you wish. Just send us a Pantone color and we'll match.