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Order Boat Dock Floats Through Us Today! Great Prices And Quick Shipping Times Everything You Need To Make Docking Easier, From Dock Kits To Vegetation Control. Get Great Deals On Docks & Dock Accessories When You Shop At Sportsman's Guide Today Dock Sections EZ Dock polyethylene dock sections offer unmatched performance when it comes to modular docking solutions. Our revolutionary design is durable, slip-resistant and low maintenance to help ensure your time on the water is well spent

The float dock section frames are made out of galvanized steel and aluminum, giving them comparable stregnth, durability, and corrosion resistance to a standard model. The floatation tanks are high-quality and configured based on any load requirement. The seciontional modular design allows us to create a dock to your requirements LowPRO floating dock sections are floating dock kits with a low profile that can be combined according to your own design. Add one dock section or build a custom design with slips and platforms. Floating dock sections are versatile and strong with premium decking options. Shop for personalized pricing

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Shop for Floating Dock Sections by PolyDock. Modular and user friendly floating boat dock with an at. Extended Order Lead Times April - July Call: 866-942-634 Floating Dock Sections FLOE's standard floating boat dock sections come in 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ and 8′ widths and 16′, 20′ and 24′ lengths. Other standard components include: 8′ x 8′ sundecks, 4′ wedges and 12′ shore-end ramps. Custom length gangways can also be added as well as safety hand rails The pioneering EZ Dock system makes it a snap to install. Standard sizes for our rectangular dock sections include: 40″ X 60, 40″ X 120″, 60″ X 120″ and 80″ X 120″. We also offer half-hexagonal and corner sections. 40 Inch Dock

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Smaller dock sections with lighter framing are ideal for floating systems that need to be removed seasonally, especially when they need to be hand carried. Hinge connections (articulating) are recommended to relieve stress from wave motion Click to add item PlayStar Pre-Built 4' x 10' Commercial Grade Floating Dock with Wood Frame & Top to the compare list. Add To List. Click to add item PlayStar Pre-Built 4' x 10' Commercial Grade Floating Dock with Wood Frame & Top to your list. Sku # 1765002. Online Price Premium Sectional Dock Systems. The ShoreMaster Infinity Dock Systems utilize welded aluminum frames with InfinityTrack section attachments to provide a lightweight sectional dock system with the easiest, fastest installation. With an Infinity Sectional Dock System you'll enjoy compact storage and maintenance free ownership Floating Docks DAKA offers several types of floating boat docks. Versatile and adaptable to any environment, these docks are a great choice for lakes with muddy bottoms Stronger than other floating docks. The blocks arrived at the time arranged. I assembled the dock in two halves on my fixed dock, launched and connected the two sections. This took about an hour and a half for the 24 block dock. Once the perimeter braces were tightened, I had a very stable and rigid dock..

Aluminum Roll in Docks, Sectional Docks and Floating Docks FLOE. FLOE Docks Fl0e@dmin2017 June 30, 2017 March 23, 2021. website builder. FLOE offers three styles of aluminum docks to meet your shoreline needs. Because the characteristics of one shoreline to the next can have so much variance, a one size fits all approach to docks just. Heavy floating sections mean that the dock stays level and solid-feeling, rising and falling with the tides. The connecting units on NordiDock concrete floating docks are built to ensure that no voids develop at the joint between two dock pieces. This is crucial for the safe use of dock carts and other marina equipment Wave Dock Corner section features a 2-piece design including a top deck, a foam-filled bottom float and molded-in H·Beam Channels for attaching to the Wave Dock System

Snap Dock is the most advanced modular floating dock system on the market. Engineered by experts in the plastics industry featuring patent pending injection molded connectors, reinforced surface support, an attractive non-slip surface, and many more features, Snap Dock delivers unsurpassed durability and flexibility to recreational and commercial customers WOODEN DOCK SECTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN! The most affordable option to get you on the water ASAP as well as great for those who desire a rustic look to match their cottage or cabin

The dock float is designed to add or subtract from your footprint based on your specific project requirements and/or buoyancy requirements. This allows you to have a customized solution at a cost effective price point EZ Dock modular floating docks contain secure, air-filled compartments that allow the pieces to float. Other types of floating docks require air-filled barrels or floatation devices that attach to the dock's underside, enabling it to float. How Do I Install a Floating Dock? Installation depends on the type of floating dock you choose Infinity Dock Systems Take your waterfront experience to the next level with the Infinity Dock System from ShoreMaster. With exclusive curve sections, 9 premium decking options, and InfinityTrack Accessories, the Infinity Dock System is the only system on the market to offer waterfront owners a completely customized boat dock experience Once construction is complete, push floating dock into water and secure to appropriate pilings or poles using connecting hardware. If using hinge sets to adjoin floating dock sections, mark placement with a pencil prior to putting docks in the water to assure appropriate alignment of male and female connectors

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  1. The Wave Armor corner dock sections provide additional strength to the dock's layout by connecting the inside corners of two sections and expanding overall dock square footage. The 30 corner creates a sleek look while adding to the walkable surface area of our Wave Armor Dock System
  2. 4' sections side by side. Finish off your dock with accessories like ramps, corners, & cleats. Some people think of floating dock for installations in a spongy lake bottom. That's where floating dock is often used but floating dock is sometimes more expensive than stationary dock
  3. um. I'm changing to a stationary dock. Includes all hardware and 2in.poles to bang in..
  4. Traditional floating docks are one section, which can make them stiff and unyielding in harsh weather, increasing the risk of damage. In bad weather, EZ Dock sections move independently, making your system stronger and more resistant to damage. This bit of give has allowed EZ Dock systems to withstand even tropical storms. They are easy to install
  5. Once the floating dock is in place, one person can walk out onto each section to install the posts. After the posts are securely in place, remove the floats, and repeat with the next section. It's called building from the shore out. V-Dock's Roll-n-Float System is the ideal solution for installing docks in lakes where the water or muck is.
  6. g, and anything else you can imagine. Perfect for homes, parks, and resorts
  7. Everything needed to complete 1 floating dock section. Floating dock ideal for mud, deep water and difficult access areas. Unique design floats in only 1/2 in of water. Self adjusts with changes in water levels. Modular sections can be combined to any configuratio

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  1. Floating Docks are Simple to Move . If you decide you need your dock somewhere else or just want to bring the section in for the winter, it's easy to move your floating dock. However, you can also add another section to a floating dock if you want more space. Alright, let's jump into actually building your floating dock
  2. Patriot docks can be configured into rolling, stationary or floating docks. Additional sections can be added to create any style or configuration, including T and U shapes as well as fingers and slips. We also offer a wide array of accessories to finish off the project, such as benches, ladders, ramps and bumpers..
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  1. 3'x20′ finger dock plan (Boat Slip/Marina docks) Floating Dock plan for long narrow sections that connect to a main dock not rated $ 10.00 Add to cart Floating Dock Section Plan 6'x16
  2. 60″ x 120″ Dock Section. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 3 customer reviews) $ 1,969.00. Superior Design. Strength In Innovation. Wave Armor dock systems are intentionally designed for both residential and commercial, freshwater and saltwater applications! The ultimate in modular floating docks, Wave Armor is built to last
  3. Larger Floating Docks Wider or longer floating docks may require additional billets, and the frame should be configured to accommo-date these. See Figure A and B below for diagrams. We recommend limiting the length of a floating dock to 20' to limit flex. Longer configurations can be achieved by hinging two floating docks together
  4. um modular dock kits that can add to existing stationary or floating docks.Modular docks are personalized in every way to meet all your lakeside needs.Nelco marine is proud to be the official canadian distributor of build a dock® products. No products in the cart
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  1. um side stringers that hold a variety of different dock materials. Pine, stained cedar, vinyl, faux wood, and anodized alu
  2. Floating docks. As a family owned and operated local business, EZ Dock Texas has been designing and installing docks all over the state of Texas and surrounding states since 2000. We have helped thousands of customers to be able to enjoy their waterfront property and private lakes more than ever before. EZ Dock prices are competitive to other.
  3. um + Composite Dock Section - Woodland Brown. From $749.00 Sold Out. PLATINUM TITAN ALUMINUM DOCK SECTION. $759.00 Home Hardware Floating Docks Accessories DIY Kits New Brand! NinetyRight Shop All
  4. For instance, one modular dock manufacturer lists the description for one of their dock sections as 60 x 10. Most consumers believe this to be a 5′ x 10′ modular dock section size, and naturally they would assume they are getting a dock section with 50 square feet (based on the total section size)

Docks. We feature a wide variety of Port Side docks to meet your needs. We have Floating, Roll In and Stationary docks. Choose from Premium, Aluminum, or Wood Frames and add Resin, Composite or Wood Decking. All are available as build it yourself projects or in pre built sections Model FS1060. 60'' x 45'' x 10''. 152.4 cm x 114.3 cm x 25.4 cm. Max. Flotation: 690 lbs (313 kg per section) Weight: 110 lbs. (49.9 Kg) Color: Gray Oak. The primary component of the Connect-A-Dock system is molded of maintenance-free polyethylene with connector sockets for simple and extendable slip-fit connectors Each dock frame is manufactured with heavy-duty marine grade steel and galvanized to prevent rusting. Our dock frames can be used in floating docks or standing piers and for commercial marinas or small lake home docks. Larger sizes available upon request, call 855-55-DOCKS Multinautic QPF-500 1.52 m × 3 m (5 ft. × 10 ft.) Aluminum Dock Section Kit Aluminum structure; Fixed or floating Dock; Decking not included; Rated 0 out of 5 stars based on 0 reviews. (0) Compare Product. Sign In For Price $1,499.99 Multinautic QP-427D 1.3 m x 3.66 m (4.25 ft. x 12 ft.) Aluminum Stationary Dock Kit with Plastic Decking. Aluminum V-Beams Offer Ultimate Support. Height Adjustment = Effortless. Turns easily with a handle or use a cordless drill. Roll the Whole Dock at Once. Flexible roll Ins work with most shorelines. Experience the joy of owning a V-Dock roll in, post sectional or roll-n-float dock system. High quality and excellent workmanship have been the.

The Dock 2 Go Modular Dock Kit includes all Heavy Duty Hot Dipped Galvanized mounting hardware required to assemble a 6' x 12' modular floating dock section. Each kit may be utilized to construct a stand-alone dock or may be attached to another Dock 2 Go section using a Dock 2 Go modular connector kit to increase dock length or width as required Snap Dock is the most advanced modular floating dock system on the market. Engineered by experts in the plastics industry featuring reinforced surface support, an attractive non-slip surface, and many more features, Snap Dock delivers unsurpassed durability and flexibility to recreational and commercial customers A floating dock is any floating structure that is placed on water to allow for the anchorage of boats and jet skis when they are not in use. The big question here should be what a marina is. American is simply a dock or a basin, natural or manmade, that comes with moorings and supplies that yachts, small boats, jet skis, and any other water-based vehicle can use for anchorage when they are not.

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Our floating dock sections are also perfectly adapted to tourism applications: river ports, camping, leisure camps, etc. Residential. All our pontoons are suitable for private use. You can choose from our range of floating dock sections or cubes, our jet ski lifts, our rowing pontoon or wooden pontoon At CanadaDocks™, we pride ourselves on building quality standing docks and floating docks, as well as dock accessories. We proudly manufacture all the docks at our facility in Beeton, Ontario- only 30 minutes north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); this allows us to provide you with not only a competitive price, but a quality Canadian product Everything needed (Except the Pipe) to complete 1 floating dock section; Floating Dock ideal for mud, deep water and difficult access areas; Unique design floats in only 1-1/2 in. of water; Self adjusts with changes in water levels; Modular sections can be combined to any configuration; Proudly Made in the US

8' L x 4' W Low Profile Floating Platform Section with Decking by Patriot Docks®. The Low Profile Floating Platform Section is a complete assembly for adding a floating platform to an existing dock. Floating Platform Sections are.. Floating 4' Sections. CanadaDocks™ 4′ Floating Dock Sections are made with marine grade, high quality aluminum, making them extremely strong yet lightweight. They are corrosion resistant, ensuring that maintenance is minimal. Our unique DIY design makes them easy to assemble and reconfigure as needed. The Eagle Floats™ system has superior. This video is about Dock Buildin The Simple Dock is designed to give our customers a simple, strong, and affordable floating dock system they can easily assemble themselves. Metal galvanized frames help alleviate the most difficult and time-consuming step for building your floating dock. The floats for the dock sections are completely foam filled and have a 1 1/2.

Extreme Max 3005.5588 Heavy-Duty Floating Dock Galvanized Link Connector Kit - Includes Two Complete Hinge Sets to Connect Two Floating Dock Sections 5.0 out of 5 stars 7 $90.29 $ 90 . 2 40″ X 120″ X 16″ DOCK SECTION. This tapered and hinged floating dock ramp spans from the end of your dock and creates a flush walking surface from your beach or shoreline to the dock. Available in two sizes (7 Ft. and 12 Ft. 8 Inch) to fit your needs The EZ Dock Modular Dock System is the most durable and versatile floating dock system available today. Environmentally friendly EZ Docks can remain in the water year-round and are perfect for a wide range of residential, commercial, governmental, industrial and recreational uses Tan V-Dock 12'x14' Platform or 42' Dock with 4 Screw Jack Legs. $4,400 (min > Forest Lake) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $7,500

Extreme Max 3005.5588 Heavy-Duty Floating Dock Galvanized Link Connector Kit - Includes Two Complete Hinge Sets to Connect Two Floating Dock Sections. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 5. $89.01. $89. . 01. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 1 left in stock - order soon The report evaluates every section and sub-segments present in Floating Dock research systematically. It provides some insightful facts into the business parameters by accessing the Floating Dock. Candock's Modular Floating Docks Systems. Candock is proud to offer you the most reliable plastic floating docks system. ever to be installed on water (river, lake and ocean). Our secret: twenty years of passionate and rigorous development in the floating dock industry. The result: a plastic floating dock that comes with a twenty years guarantee A floating dock section that is secure, economical and durable and can be coupled together with a similar type section by a connecting member that fits into a socket of the dock section. Each connecting member has flanges that fit into receiving sockets of two adjacent dock sections to form a dock of a preferred configuration so that the dock sections can be arranged in a plethora of.

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Use to connect 2 floating dock sections while also tying together corners of the dock sections. 2 sets required to connect 2 sections together. NOTE: If using D3-435; Inside Corner Supports OR D-561; Fastener Kits with the D3-430, you need 2 ea. D3-435 or 4 ea. D-561 per 1 ea. D3-430; Corner Tie Section Connector! 5'x20 aluminum trussed dock sections $600 (Suttons Bay ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $150. favorite this post Jul 21 DOCK - 140 feet - cedar deck $150 (Williamsburg, MI ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $500. favorite this post Jul 17 hydraulic lift -cat walk -accessorie Sections 101(a)(5)(A) and (D) of the Marine Mammal Protection Act The need for the proposed action is to construct a floating dry dock by support by installing two mooring dolphins, fender piles, and a concrete ramp wharf and vehicle bridge. The location, timing, and nature of the activities, including the types of equipment planned for use. 20ft Swim Raft/Floating Dock. $1,175 (Forest Lake MN) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $2,600. favorite this post. Jul 9

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AccuDock is the #1 trusted manufacturer for Championship Rowing Docks worldwide. Our docks come in fully welded sections that will arrive at your site for easy installation and removal during the winter months. For those who are avid rowers, we can customize a dock that works best for you. 5.5 (14cm) Freeboard with Access Ramps Available Lay out your dock sections and arrange the sections accordingly to the configuration or design of your floating dock system. In this unique situation, you will be connecting four dock sections together. Start by assembling two of the four dock sections as previously described, using the S-style connectors on the outside The floating dock kits include a welded, all-aluminum tubular frame with channel cross-bracing. Each modular 4' x 8' section comes with 2 InsulBead Floats to keep your walkway and dock high and dry. Choose to apply your own decking, or we can ship with our TimberTech decking already affixed Our floating docks are ideal for ponds and lakes with water levels that fluctuate, are very deep or where there is a muddy bottom. If you are ready to add a floating dock to your property, our highly-experienced dock experts can help you design the perfect dock for your pond and your budget, or you can use the Build Your Own button to design it yourself

Our dock sections are available in standard 10' and 14' lengths and 4' to 6' widths. All dock sections are fastened together with 1/2 Grade 5 bolts and locknuts to form a solid, stable, and utilized floating dock system. We also offer various floatation sizes to meet most free-board height requirements The dock is in seven sections and each section is provided with its own pumping machinery. A centrifugal pump at the bottom of the dock, operated through vertical shafting by an electric motor situated in a house on the top deck, is installed on either side of each section, so that there are fourteen main pumps and as many motors Browse dock options offered by ShoreStation, ShoreMaster, Wahoo, MaxDock, Lakeshore Products, PolyDock, Shoreline Industries and various others. From your traditional standing 4'x10' anodized aluminum dock sections to a Roto-molded poly floating dock system, BoatLiftandDock.com has you covered

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This video show you how to make your floating dock perfectly stable. This makes it very safe for young children moving safely on and off your dock Our DockinaBox ® sections can be attached with our exclusive Locking Hinge design that allows for two dock sections to act as one, making for endless design options. Note: Remove your floating dock for the winter, put into sheltered area, or as a standard practice disconnect your ramp for the winter and remove That works for a solid single section dock, but this is a floating multi section dock that needs to flex at the joints. Will have marine power pedestal on the end of dock and a shore panel disconnect, now issue is getting from shore to power pedestal. Marino makes a 250V 50A cord shown below in 12 ft, 25ft, and 50ft

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Install using ½ carriage bolts. (Sold individually) ¼ Commercial Grade. $25.15. FDS-135. Finger Deck Stabilizer Bracket. This 45/135 degree bracket reinforces diagonal lumber placed between the base of a floating finger dock and main dock to provide extra lateral support for the finger dock. Install using 1/2 Carriage Bolts If you have a dock longer than the shoreline allows for storing in one piece, the dock length can be split into multiple sections using our Quick Connects (PN10808). It is common for floating docks to be left to freeze in place on smaller bodies of water with no risk of ice heaves The Candock modular floating dock system is a truly revolutionary product! The era of massive wooden, metal and cement docks is over. Our high quality plastic system is guaranteed for twenty years, environmentally friendly, and requires no maintenance. Easy to use and reliable, it provides unlimited configurations and application options Customizable Dock Systems. Our sections come in many shapes and sizes and can be changed to your exact specifications. This means you get the design you need for your commercial or residential dock. Durable. Normal floating docks are one section making them stiff, and immovable in troublesome weather increasing the risk of damage The blocks arrived at the time arranged. I assembled the dock in two halves on my fixed dock, launched and connected the two sections. This took about an hour and a half for the 24 block dock. Once the perimeter braces were tightened, I had a very stable and rigid dock. I'm very pleased. — Harry, Residential Custome

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These docks come with large plastic floats for buoyancy that turn each modular section of the dock into a free-floating raft. There is usually a wooden or metal frame around the floats to secure them in place, and wooden or PVC composite decking panels for walking on. These docks are great if you need something that can be deployed quickly but. Floating Dock Sections: Grey & Beige Color Options. 40 Wide x 5' Section 'Baby Dock' 40 Wide x 5' Section 'Baby Dock' 40 Wide x 5' Section 'Baby Dock' $810.00. Part #204060 . Weight: 88 lbs. Flotation Capacity: 1,000 lbs. 40 Wide x 10' Section 40 Wide x 5' Section 'Baby Dock'. Oasis Dock Supply carries the entire Wave Armor© catalog. Their products are a collection of modular sections that can be assembled into an infinite number of layouts and configurations to make docks, boat ports, pwc ports and a large collection of marine accessories Floating Canopies Marine Dock & Lift offers floating canopies that can span openings over floating dock sections. The objective is to offer protection from the elements, without needing a lift to support the canopy. In the photo above the canopy is supported by 6 canopy support posts. The support posts sit inside of brackets attached t Floating Dock Kit AKH2000. 151 x 59 x 26.5. (383.5 cm x 149.9 cm x 67.3 cm) Weight: 333 lbs (151 kg) Maximum flotation: 1550 lbs (703 kg) Color: Five Colors. Optional: Side-by-Side Kit, Winch Kit & More. Anchoring: Other attachments. When attaching more the one pwc port next to each other use a connecting kit Patriot Docks Floating Platform Section w/ Poly Decking. As of 5/1/21, all Patriot Docks dock products using Poly material have a 6 week lead time prior to shipping. The Patriot Docks Low Profile Floating Platform Section is a complete assembly used to extend the length of an existing dock