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Start studying True or False (Lab Safety). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools OTHER QUIZLET SETS. Chapter 22. 29 terms. pnmaue. Psychology 102 Therapy T/F. 39 terms. Rachel_Diamond. ECON 2020- MACRO True/False. 12 terms Chemistry Science Laboratory Safety Test TRUE OR FALSE. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. ACS 7 Science Lab Safety Symbols. 16 terms. arosales. Science (safety symbol) 16 terms 26 terms. TNC7390. Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire? 21 terms. TNC7390. Avoir. 27 terms. TNC7390. French. 19 terms. TNC7390. OTHER QUIZLET SETS. 1st nine.

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True False practice for the Lab safety part of the exam. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. All students must know lab safety rules before working in the lab. True. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... Lab Safety. Chemistry Lab Safety Quiz 30 seconds. Q. If you break glassware during a lab you should. answer choices. tell the teacher immediately. Clear people out of the area and leave broken glass for a janitor. Tell the teacher on the way out of class at the end of the period. Try to clean it up yourself quickly so you won t bother anyone. Tags Try this amazing Lab Safety Rules: True And False! Quiz quiz which has been attempted 91 times by avid quiz takers. Also explore over 39 similar quizzes in this category A comprehensive database of more than 39 lab safety quizzes online, test your knowledge with lab safety quiz questions. Our online lab safety trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top lab safety quizzes

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  1. Q. Identify the primary function of the lab equipment seen in the image. Q. Identify the piece of lab equipment seen in the image. Q. True or False: If you see something dangerous taking place during a lab,you should immediately tell the teacher. Q
  2. Long hair, hanging jewellery, and loose clothing can be dangerous in a lab. A. True. They can get into chemicals, fire, or knock something over. B. False. They are perfectly safe as long as you have read through all of the directions. 8. When studying a chemical it is important to touch, taste, and smell it so that you know a lot about it
  3. This quiz is about lab safety rules. Make sure you know the rules. Hope you enjoy the quiz. Average score for this quiz is 8 / 10.Difficulty: Easy.Played 3,633 times. As of Jul 22 21
  4. Lab Safety Quiz. Long hair, hanging jewelry, and loose clothing can be dangerous in a lab. True. False. It is important to get started on the lab right when you get to class, even if your teacher hasn't given you instructions yet. Don't worry - you can figure it out on your own! False

Q. I should talk loud during the lab to ensure all member of my group can easily hear me. Q. When I walk into the lab I should grab the necessary equipment and start dissecting. Q. Gloves should be worn during most of the lab. Q. A lab apron not only looks good, it helps to protect my clothes during the dissection. Q 23 Questions Show answers. Q. I can perform my own experiments with lab materials ___. I am sure it is safe to do so. Whenever I want to. When all of my group is ready. Never. Q. Keeping your work area neat and clean is important because: I won't lose my supplies in the clutter Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Never use an electrical appliance if your hands are wet or if you're standing on a wet floor. 15 True/False Questions On Kitchen Safety DRAF Safety glasses. Lab coats. Face shields. Gloves. X All of the above. 2. True or False... Material Safety Data Sheets provide little information about chemicals which are used in experiments? True X False 3. True or False... Before setting up laboratory equipment, you should check to make sure that each piece is clean and in proper working order 7. Safety glasses are optional when chemicals are used in the laboratory. (optional means 'not compulsory') A. True. B. False. 8. Bags are always left outside however you can bring your bag into the lab if you're late to class and want to unpack quickly. (Trick question!!!

SCIENCE LAB SAFETY Answer as TRUE or FALSE 1. Long hair must be tied back, especíally in the area of an open flame. 2. It's OK to have combustible materials near an open flame. 3. When heating a test tube, point it in the direction of your friend so he or she can see what's happening. 4. Report any accident, no matter how small, to your. Lab Safety Quiz . Is this your test? Login to manage it. If not, you can develop an assessment just like it. True. False. 4. False. 8. 1 point Long hair in the lab must be . held away from experiment with one hand. tied back or kept entirely out of the way with a hair band, hairpins, or other confining device.

Lab Safety Quiz. Read the following statements and select (circle) whether they are true or false. Provide a short explanation, using full sentences, for your choice. 1. It is okay to eat, drink, or put Chap Stick on your lips in the lab. True False 2. Frank is still in the lab Lab Safety Awareness Name _____ ©1996 Joyce Fox Productions, Broad Spectrum Communications, Metropolitan Chicago Studios, Inc. Distributed by AGC/United Learning 1 Symbols/Icons and Rules/Guidelines Symbols Hazard - example(s) and rules or guidelines Glassware Hazard Breakables - glass containers. specimens, and other lab substances, always A. treat your hands with skin lotion. B. wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. C. wipe your hands on a towel. D. wipe your hands on your clothes. True—False T F 22. Hot glass looks the same as cold glass. 23. All chemicals in the lab are to be considered dangerous. 24

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Quiz answers. 1. True. Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job or work environment to the worker. The goal is to find the best fit between you and your job to keep you as safe as possible. 2. True. Musculoskeletal disorders are a group of conditions that involve the tendons, muscles, nerves, and supporting structures True False 6. True or False... One problem in using a handheld drench hose for eye washing is that both hands are not free for manipulating the injured eye(s)? True False 7. True or False... When a safety shower drains directly into a sewer, you need to be determine whether residual water can contaminate the outside environment? True False QUI 2. A class 1 laser under normal operating conditions is not considered a hazard (true or false)? 3. A class 2 laser beam is invisible (true or false)? 4. A laser needs an energy source to produce a beam (true or false)? 5. A laser medium in an excited state spontaneously decays directly to a ground state (true or false)? 6

General Lab Safety Test. Directions: Read each statement carefully and decide if it is True or False. Be sure to answer all questions. When finished, enter your FIRST AND LAST NAME along with your teacher's email address and click the submit button. 1. When in doubt, ask the instructor for help Laboratory Safety Quiz 1. What is the minimum personal protective equipment that must be used when handling chemicals in a laboratory? a. Safety glasses b. Lab coat c. Gloves d. All of the above 2. What is the responsibility of the professor or Principal Investigator? a. Ensure that all safety equipment is available for use and working properly. b Create a true-or-false quiz about lab safety. 11. Estimate the cost of safety equipment in the laboratory. Consult a science supply catalog to find the actual prices. 12. Design colorful stickers or signs to post near fire extinguishers, fire blankets,. True - as is vodka, white rum, lemon juice, triple sec, sugar syrup and Coca-Cola. True. False - there's only one: the teeth. True - He was born in 1968, while Jason Orange was born in 1970, Gary.

Which definition best describes the spinal cavity? Space occupied by the spinal cord enclosed by the vertebrae column making up the backbone. T/F: The Dorsal Cavity is the cranial cavity and the thoracic cavity in combination. False. T/F: The Pelvic Cavity is the space occupied by the dorsal internal organs that are bordered by the bones of the. a. True b. False (17) If you perceive an unsafe work situation, you should a. Stop work immediately b. Notify your supervisor, faculty advisor or lab manager c. None of the above d. Both A and B (18) When leaving a lab, you should a. Remove your gloves, and dispose of them b. Wash your hands c. Clean up your work area d. All of the abov

LAB SAFETY AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE QUIZ Decide whether the following statements are true or false and circle your answer. True or False The most common types laboratory accidents here in the Chemistry Department are burns and cuts. T or F The number to call for medical, fire, and c hemical emergencies is 911 COMPUTER LAB SAFETY TEST - 1 . The Lab, the Internet, Equipment/Software Care, and Ergonomics . NAME PERIOD . TRUE/FALSE: Write True if the statement is correct and False if the statement is incorrect. 1. _____ One in five kids will be sexually solicited online 2. _____ Aisles should never be obstructed 3 SAFETY QUIZ PRINT NAME: I. True (T) or False (F) ____F___ If a glass beaker drops on the floor and shatters, you should immediately pick up all of the large pieces with unprotected hands. ___T___ Even though conservation is important, you should never pour excess reagent back into its bottle. ___F____ An open beaker of boiling water may be left unattended as long as boiling stones are being used

Lab Safety QuizThis 21 question quiz covers lab safety procedures, safety symbols, and lab equipment.In your purchase you will receive 21 question quiz with answer key in two versions: word document and google docs. Both are 100% editable. The Google Docs version will allow you to upload it to you There is a container on the lab bench containing some unknown chemical. What should you do? 15. What precaution you should take when handling hot glassware. 16. Part of lab safety includes reading the lab procedure before coming into the lab. True or False? 17. All chemicals in the lab are to be considered dangerous. True or False? 18 Chemistry Quiz Lab Safety. Answer the following true or false questions. When testing the odor of a solution, place your nose 4—6 inches above the beaker. false Any activity involving poisonous vapors should be done in the sink. false Safety glasses and lab aprons should be worn when working in the lab

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6. True or False: You should always wear a welding helmet when arc welding. 7. True or False: You should always set up protective shields around you when performing hot work to protect others in the area. Hot Work Safety Quiz (Must Pass with a 90% Lab Safety Cartoon Place a number next to a student or lab equipment that is something correct in a lab (1-8) or something that is incorrect for a lab (9-16) and then write a brief explanation of what the student was doing wrong. 8 CORRECT things for a lab: 8 INCORRECT things for a lab: 1. _____ 9. _____ 2

Environmental Health & Safety Bloodborne Pathogen Training Quiz for Lab Personne QUIZ GHS SAFETY DATA SHEETS Name: Date: 1. The purpose of a Safety Data Sheet is to... ? Tell you where PPE is kept in your facility. True or False... You will find the name, address and telephone number of the chemical's manufacturer in the first section of an SDS? True False . 5. True or False.. X True False 3. True or False... Alkalies never react with glass, so you don't have to worry about damage or contamination? True X False 4. Which of the following can be done to prevent ground glass joints from sticking? Lubricate the end before joining. Use a teflon sleeve at the joints. X Both of the above. 5. True or False..

A) fire blanket, taser, safety dog B) fire blanket, fire extinguisher, aid kit C) Bunsen burner, crack, a soft pillow D) goggles, apron, gloves 12. True or False : you can change the directions on the lab without intersections from adviso 1. c. Indefinitely. Food will be safe indefinitely at 0º F though the quality will decrease the longer it is in the freezer. 2. c. 40º F. Keep your refrigerator at 40º F or below. Buy an inexpensive appliance thermometer for both your fridge and your freezer; check them often. 3

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) NCLEX Quiz. This quiz will test your knowledge about personal protective equipment in preparation for the NCLEX exam. 1. True or False: The correct sequence for donning PPE is the following: gloves, mask/respirator, goggles/face shield, gown. * Having a strong set of overall laboratory safety rules is essential to avoiding disasters in the lab. Lab Manager recently scoured the safety policies of several laboratories to determine some of the most common lab safety rules out there, to help you whether you're developing or updating a set of policies for your own lab. Of course, safety rules are only effective when they are enforced.

Safety goggles or glasses must be worn at all times while doing experiments in the lab. True: Playing with the eyewash or shower safety equipment is permitted when your teacher leaves the room. False: Drinks and food are permitted at the lab tables as long as you have finished your experiment and cleaned up. False Laboratory Safety Quiz Question Title * 1. Fume hoods protect laboratory members from which of the following hazards/biohazards? What is the meaning of this lab safety symbol? True False OK Question Title * 15. To disinfect glassware, it should be rinsed with ethanol and then placed in an open flame..

Middle School Safety Quiz. Multiple Choice. Select the best answer for the following questions. 1 Xavier and Yen are working on a lab that uses . When you begin a lab it is important to _____. A . sit at the table and explore the various types of equipment. B . begin working with your partners figuring things out as you go. (A) True (B) False 8. Eye protection is required for which of the following hazards? (A) Flying particles (B) Molten metal (C) Liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids (D) Chemical gases or vapors (E) All of the above 9. Welding shields primarily protect against (A) Dust (B) Metal splatter (C) Splashe Safety Quiz - Chemical Safety - Right to Know Name _____ Date _____ Directions: Read each question carefully and choose the most correct answer by completely filling in the box next to the answer 1. I have a right to know about chemicals I work with or around A. True B. False 2 Spradling's Lab Safety Quiz * Required. Email * Your email. Last Name * Your answer. 7th period. 8th period. 1. During a lab the most important things are to be safe and listen to your teacher's instructions. True. False. Clear selection. 2. Which of the following is NOT correct when working with electricty? All chemicals have a safety.

(True or False) 10. A well or spring groundwater source, located downhill of a septic tank, may have increased susceptibility to pollution. (True or False) Answers to Water Quality - Quiz #5. 1. False: Groundwater does typically undergo a degree of natural filtration that tends to remove particles in suspension, including microorganisms X Your answer: Correct answer: X Your answer: For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at the Chemistry: Lab Equipment webquest print page. About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found at Chemistry: Lab Equipment . Back to Science for Kids. Advertisement IT Essentials 7 Chapter 2 Quiz Answers 2020 correct 100% ITE 7.0 Chapter 2 Quiz Answers What is a possible hardware upgrade that can be used to add more storage space to a modern smartphone? CompactFlash USB flash drive microSD hard disk Answers Explanation & Hints: Because of the size of cellular phones, a very [

a) True b) False 17) The lenses and the frames are both stronger on ANSI-approved safety glasses than on regular glasses. a) True b) False 18) Because everyone's head is shaped differently, protective eyewear needs to be checked for fit. a) True b) False Life Science Lab Safety - Pre-test. This is a true or false test. Click the true button if the statement is entirely true. Click the false button if the statement is false in any way. Submit your answers when you are finished General Safety Training Quiz. Please view the General Safety Training (pdf) and read the CNSM Safety Manual before taking this quiz.. Upon submission of the quiz, you will receive a confirmation email with your quiz score. While a perfect score is required to pass, there is no limit to the number of times the quiz may be retaken before the required perfect score is achieved True or False: You should always wash your hands with hot water. FALSE. Most of us think hot water helps kill germs and bacteria on our hands, but the reality is, the water would have to be scalding hot to make that happen, said Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group and coauthor of The Business of Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning.

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True or False: 4. _____ Fire extinguishers should be inspected monthly and serviced annually by a third party. 5. _____ Air pressurized water extinguishers (APW) are suitable for electrical fires. 6. _____ Fire watch should be performed during and after all hot work activities. 7 2. Term. Which of the following is true of the alcohol functional groups in 2,3-butanediol? Definition. Both are secondary. Term. In alkenes there are four groups bonded to the carbons which constitute the carbon-carbon double bond. Which of the following situations produces cis-trans isomerism? Definition There are many old wives' tales and urban legends associated with food and kitchen safety. But this, obviously, is an area where you don't want to mess around with myths and half-truths. You might think you know it all, but you should take our quiz flinn_lab_safety_quiz_answer_key 1/3 Flinn Lab Safety Quiz Answer Key. The multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions offer information, encourage critical thinking, and provide an opportunity for readers to not only test their knowledge of all aspects of science, but to learn something new along the way..

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• All students must pass the Safety Quiz and sign a Safety Agreement before working in the lab. • State and Federal law require the use of splash proof safety goggles by anyone working in a chemical lab. No student will be allowed to work in the lab or weighing room without wearing the department approved splash-proof safety goggles with. Lab Safety, Lab Equipment, & Measurement Quiz Review Quiz: Tuesday, September 25th Test tube Cylindrical-shaped glass tube used primarily in laboratories Test tube brush Used to clean test tubes How many millimeters? 39 mm A smaller object's mass such as a paper clip would be measured in Smaller objects such as a paper clip would be measure in milligrams (X)True ( )False 6. If you are exposed to possible bloodborne pathogens at work, you will be offered a confidential medical exam and follow -up evaluation. (X)True ( )False 7. Bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted by sharing equipment, toilets and water fountains. ( )True (X)False 8 a. Safety glasses d. Gloves . b. Lab Coats e. All of the above . c. Face Shields . 4. Chemical, reagents or broth cultures should be pipetted by _____? a. mouth c. pipetter . b. ear d. nose . 5. Good work practices include, a. smelling and tasting chemicals . b. not washing hands before and after lab

True or False (lab safety rules) (7 marks) 4. Multiple Choice (4 marks) 5. Matching (Lab Equipment and WHMIS symbols) (9 marks) 6. Two lab safety written questions (3 marks each, 6 marks) 1.1C Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter.notebook February 22, 2021 Review for Quiz. 1.1C Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter.notebook February. Quiz Kitchen Safety : Kitchen safety rules - Q1: Which is the proper way to wash your hands before a cooking lab? Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and use cold water, Get a paper towel, use hot and soapy water, sing Happy Birthday to yourself, dry your hands with a paper towel, and trow the paper towel away, Use warm water, sing happy birthday and go get a paper towel to dry your hands,.. True or false: Finishing this quiz means I don't have to read the American Chemical Society pamphlet Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories. a) true: b) false (not so fast--now it's time to REREAD the sections you haven't mastered!) B Biology lab safety rules are guidelines designed to help keep you safe while you are experimenting. Some equipment and chemicals in a biology laboratory can cause serious harm. It is always wise to follow all lab safety rules.Don't forget, the most helpful safety rule is to use plain old common sense

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13. True or False: Laboratory supplies that were in contact with human cell lines obtained from ATCC must be decontaminated before being disposed of in the regulated medical waste container. 14. True or False: Pound for pound, it costs approximately four times as much to dispose of Regulated Medical Waste as normal trash. SECTION 6: QUIZ. Four of the questions on this test are Fill-in questions. Copy the correct answer out of the following list and paste it into the blank that follows the fill-in question. Here is your list: [chemicals], [turn on], [face], [eat], [wash your hands thoroughly], [identify], [let other clean up the lab], [blow out], Nine of the questions are True/false: Click the TRUE button for each statement. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS QUIZ ANSWERS 1. A family emergency plan is the best way to prepare you and your loved ones for a natural disaster or terrorist act. a. True: Be informed and prepared. Talk to your family about why you need to be prepared for disasters. Then, make a family emergency plan and practice it with your family. b. False 2 True or False: 4. _____ Properly selected hand protection can protect employees from burns, electrical shock, and chemical absorption. 5. _____ PPE must be inspected prior to use. 6. _____ The primary objective of PPE is to protect employees by creating a barrier agains

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The correct answer is. Other health problems include increased blood pressure, digestive problems, sleep problems, muscle and joint pain, and mood changes. A. True B. False. 7. A level of 20 micrograms of lead per deciliter (mcg/dL) of blood is the threshold of concern for the CDC. You didn't answer this question Breathlessness after mild exertion. Arthritis or other bone/joint problems. Severe muscular, ligament, or tendon problems. Obesity. A. True B. False. 3. To avoid injury when weight training, keep the training area clean and free of debris. Stay well hydrated while lifting. Stretch after warming up

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True or False? Safety hazards are related to a child's development. True . False . Q2 Which of the following are safety hazards in an infant and toddler care setting? A child learns to climb for the first time. A child pops a wheel off of a toy car. The buckle on a high-chair strap breaks. All of the above. A- True B False 25- A Bunsen burner is lit and operating properly when an internal blue flalnc is visible and a gentle roar is heard. A Truc B. False 26. Whcn heating a substance in a test tube, it is permissible to look into the test tubc or to point the tube in the direction of other students. A. True False 27. Hot and cold glasswar True—False T F 16. All chemicals in the lab (including foodstuffs and store-bought chemicals) should be treated as if they could be hazardous. 17. Work areas should be kept clean and tidy. 18. Laboratory work may be started immediately upon entering the laboratory even if the teacher is not yet present. 19

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Take this quiz to test your virus knowledge. Since January, when the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had identified a new virus and declared its outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, COVID-19 has dominated headlines—and our daily lives. There is much we have learned about the novel coronavirus, also. TRUE OR FALSE T ___ F ___ 1. Hands can be washed with cold water. T ___ F ___ 2. If you are taking a break to smoke, you should wash your hands before handling food. T ___ F ___ 3. When washing your hands, you should scrub them with soap and a hand towel. MULTIPLE CHOICE ___ 1. You should wash your hands before a. sneezing. c. taking out the.

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Climate Change Quiz. How much do you know about the world's greatest threat? We're talking, of course, about climate change. There is a small wait at the end while we tally your results. Please stay on the page. 0%. True or False: Wasting less food is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. True. False. Correct True / False Test Example. Enter answer of T or F for each question of this astronomy quiz. The earth is the fourth planet from the sun. True False; The planet Venus has no moons. True False; Jupiter is composed mostly of iron. True False; The sun is a star of average size. True

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Test Your Knowledge of Conducting Risk Assessments. A risk assessment is a careful examination of the things in your workplace that could cause harm to people so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm a. True b. False 7. Forklift operators, no matter how skilled and experienced, are never permitted to speed. a. True b. False 8. Lightly pushing or punching a person who's working with tools or machinery is: a. Safe, if they're wearing PPE b. Unsafe, since there's a risk of contact with pinch points, moving parts, etc Hank takes a break from the desk to bring you to the lab in order to demonstrate some important points about the practical side of chemistry - experimentatio.. This is a quiz that contains NCLEX review questions about pernicious anemia. Patients who have pernicious anemia have low levels of red blood cells caused by low vitamin B12 levels. This is due to an autoimmune condition causing the patient to lack intrinsic factor

Health care workers, emergency response and public safety personnel, and other workers can be exposed to blood through needlestick and other sharps injuries, mucous membrane, and skin exposures. The pathogens of primary concern are the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), and hepatitis C virus (HCV) False (b). Forensic examiners can tell a lot by looking at scale patterns, roots, color, length, shaft characteristics, and more. We can tell if a hair was forcibly removed, damaged by burning, dyed or bleached, and cut by glass. Sometimes, we can even figure out if the person was ill. These are important clues

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True or false: A NASA contract with Marietta Laboratories led to nutritional supplements in baby formula. PRP is a commercially available product that uses NASA-developed technology to remove petroleum pollutants from water Wild fish always have more omega-3 fatty acids than farm-raised fish. You answered: Correct Answer: It depends on the fish. Some fish, such as salmon, mackerel, herring, and trout, can be high in. True or False True or False. Quiz & Answers 12-101 1. OSHA estimates that about 32 million workers work with and are potentially exposed to one or more chemical hazards. True or False 2. A statement describing the nature of the chemical hazard is called a Precautionary Statement. True or False 3. Quiz & Answers 12-101 hazards. True or False.