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Alice Kyteler: This Irish native, accused by her stepchildren of performing witchcraft in 1324, was the first in the country to be tried for sorcery as a heretic Even though notable female wizard names are rare jewels, you can easily access cool ones for your character. Alcina: Greek sorceress and the titular character from an opera by Handel

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  1. The female Morgan is unrelated to the male version—it is a name from Arthurian legend created for Morgan le Fay, King Arthur's half-sister and famed sorceress. Her name comes from Morgen, an Old Welsh name meaning sea-born, and is related to the Irish name Muirgen
  2. Witch name generator . This name generator will give you 10 random names fit for good witches, evil witches and everything in between. Witches come in all sorts of different types, and while some names might fit an evil witch better than a good witch, I've decided to keep them all together in one generator rather than splitting them up with separate buttons
  3. Good Sorcerer Names. Sorcerers come from the most unexpected places and their names can truly vary, while some are even known to use a different name to hide their true identity. Ailios Balgir. Fizzar Ashbreath. Ugiin Blueeyes. Powys Trembleword. Lynwan Icegem. Dulyfar Mistblossom. Morain Wintershard

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100+ Witch Names That Are Utterly Enchanting By January Nelson Updated August 30, 2018. Unsplash / Timothy Paul Smith. Use one of these witch names for your characters and they'll be able to put anyone under a spell. By January Nelson Updated August 30, 2018 Jadis :- It is the very cool name for your gorgeous baby girl. The name is derived from the Persian word jadu, which means 'Witch' and meaning of the word in French is 'Long Ago'. Jadis is the name of a white witch in 'Narnia Chronicles' by C.S. Lewis. She is an extremely powerful sorceress Fantastic Fictional Witch Names. You can find all kinds of witch names in books, movies, TV shows, and video games. If you like these types of names associated with a fictional world, you might also like fierce girl superhero names, cute mythology names, or even powerful girl villain names.. Beryl - queen from Sailor Moon; Cassie - from The Secret Circl In mythology, this is the name of a warrior queen of Connacht, the wife of Ailill. MEDEA: Latin form of Greek Medeia, meaning cunning. In mythology, this is the name of the sorceress who helped Jason steal the Golden Fleece from his father. When Jason later abandoned her for another woman, she got revenge by killing two of her own children.

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  1. Looking for the perfect Pagan or witch name? Check out our list of over 100 magickal names drawn from the realms of the occult. Whether it's for yourself, an animal familiar, or a fictional character, have fun perusing these delightfully witchy monikers. Christian names have usually honored Biblical figures and saints, but Pagans prefer to name themselves after nature, folklore, and the gods.
  2. Back in 1969, witch, astrologer, and psychic Sybil Leek was called Britain's most famous witch for her books on the occult, including Diary of a Witch. Thomasin. Thomasin is the name of.
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  4. 1. Abraham (Hebrew origin) meaning father of many, an Egyptian mage, who taught magic.. 2. Alatar (Fictional origin) meaning after comer, an immortal Istari wizard from J. R. R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'.. 3. Albus (Latin origin) meaning bright; the most famous name of Professor Dumbledore, who was the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 'Harry Potter.
  5. Warlock And Witch Names For Girls: 1. Agnes: Agnes Waterhouse, also known as Mother Waterhouse, was and is one of the most famous witches England has ever seen. She was accused of some really heinous crimes such as cursing people, dallying with the devil, and causing multiple deaths through black magic. Also, she was the first witch to be.
  6. inity. (Note that several of the names below, such Aerin and Lyanna, appear in multiple.

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  1. Famous witch names (female and male) a year ago by Tokunbo Okafor. Thanks to the Harry Potter franchise, the world has been more receptive to the subject of wizardry and witch names. Unlike a few years ago when these names were shunned and would have seemed as taboo today, they are now accepted worldwide..
  2. ine Witch Names From History The names in this section come from real female witches who have been documented over the ages. If you're looking for a fe
  3. ent role in literature. In ancient societies, the.
  4. White Witch Names Mon Jul 19 2021 By magdaline Vintage, spunky girls' names that aren't too obviously witchy or out there, but would still be perfect for witches, wiccans, herbalists and the like
  5. g warrior s name. I saw a mage called Fiftyshmage and I only wish he had a pet named of gray. Sadly, it was just a plain iron bite. Anyway, that's the current best mage name I've seen

I am looking for a good name for a new character, I want something mystical and Powerful sounded, i.e Rhonin, Modera, Aethis. I want a powerful sounding name like those, if anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated, Human Female Mage. I always thought Sparklepony is a nice female mage name Meanings and Origins of Female Norse Names. Page 1 of 1. ÁLFHILDR: Old Norse myth name composed of the elements alfr elf and hildr battle, hence elf battle.; ALFSIGR: Old Norse name composed of the elements alfr elf and sigr victory, hence elf victory

Necromancer names are very popular as peoples search these names on Halloween because on that day all you want to look like a badass horror shadow or want to dress up like a ghost.. The necromancy is a practice of black magic to control the bad spirits and these spirits do the bad work like killing someone or hearting, someone, mentally, health-wise, and wealth-wise Find the perfect female kitten names with our collection of 500+ popular & unique female cat names. Girl cat names fit for a queen! Including black, white, cool & funny names for female cats. Abby. Abigail. Agatha. Alice. Allie. Ally. Amber. Angel. Autumn. Dawn. Ginger. Nala

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Generate mage names. Select a gender and naming style, then click the button to generate mage names. For example, a cool name for a male mage might be generated as Galanus the Malevolent. Mage Gender. Male. Female. Naming Style. Traditional Hermione proved to be an intelligent, powerful and talented witch. 6. Isobel. Isobel is from Scottish origin, meaning- Pledged to God. Get ready for a little history lesson, because this is one of the few witch cat names that actually comes from a self-pledged, real-life witch

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Female Witch Names. Agnes: (one of the most famous witches of England) means 'pure'. Alice: (one of the first known witches of Ireland) means 'noble' or 'truth'. Cassandra: (mythological princess and seer) means 'capricious'. Gwen: (the first woman to be hanged of witchcraft, but was a healer and herbalist) means 'white wave' Wonder no more and embrace the Wiccan powers within you with our witch name generator! Choose from a list of names. Get a personalised name and character description. Enter your name (optional) or leave blank for a random selection: First Name: Last Name: Male Female Witch Names Generator. The witch name generator generates 21 random fantasy witch names each time you may use it in many places. Witch, wearing a purple gown with a green robe and a black hat with a pointed top, a green decoration on the hat, pale face, purple eyes, slightly less green eyebrows, a partially covered nose and a mole on the nose The actual records of accused witches during the Witch Trails actually includes two dogs' names. Many pieces of artwork, such as wooden carvings, depicted witches with their dog familiars. Eventually, this kind of theory was less common because when the animals were killed, they, of course, didn't come back to life BY THORNEWS In the Viking Age, the völvas (female shamans) were both feared and respected: they exercised seiðr (Norse magic) and were supposedly in direct contact with Odin, the Allfather.The word völva derives from the Old Norse vǫlva meaning wand carrier, a traveling sorceress and seeress who got well paid for her services. A number of women's graves found in Scandinavia.

Mellie Uyldert, occult author. Doreen Valiente, priestess and author. Hannes Vanaküla, mage. Leila Waddell, mystic and muse. Don Webb (writer), author of occult books and former high priest of Temple of Set. Samael Aun Weor, theurgist and founder of the Gnostic movement. Robert Anton Wilson, author Here is a collection of most popular mythical male/female cat names. Mystical Male Cat Names Orion Magic Adonis Echo Phoenix Osiris Ajax Neptune Hermes Morpheus Triton Argo Apollo Cupid Thor Achilles Leo Loki Nyx Atlas Aries Odin Jupiter Hades Anubis Raiden Hercules Griffin Merlin Gemini Odysseus Icarus Adonis Midas Mercury Zeus Vulcan Horus Beowulf Gandalf The Witcher series has always had great characters populating its world. Even minor characters are fully fleshed out and three-dimensional, with their own goals and their own strengths. Witcher is also known for its cast of well-rounded female characters. RELATED: The Witcher 3: 10 Best Contracts Ranked In the past, the fantasy genre, unfortunately, hasn't had the best track record when it. A coffee plants a tree. If you support The Story Shack with a coffee, I'll plant a tree with #teamtrees and will turn off the ads for you.. This has 3 benefits: you help the planet with more trees and less bandwidth, your user experience greatly improves and you support me as a creator more than ads ever will.. Donate $3. PayPal, Credit card, Apple Pay & Google Pa The Wicked Witch of the West from 1939 Wizard of Oz film with her green skin, her wart, and her black pointy hat became the iconic vision of a witch. The Wicked Witch's scariest scene is perhaps.

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Maggy (female) - As in Maggy the frog, a witch who foretold doom for the character Cersei in Game of Thrones. Maleficent (female) - The evil witch in Sleeping Beauty. The name means prone to evil which could certainly describe some mischievous cats! Medea (female) - A witch in Greek mythology who is a heroine in the story of Jason and the. Rare Names from Greek Mythology and Roman Mythology [ A to D] The Names below are listed alphabetically. The names in Parenthesis indicate the Roman Equivalent of the Name. Some of the names are exclusively Roman. Words in Bold indicate Cross References to other names which can be clicked for more information 25 Warlock, Wizard and Witch Names for Baby Girls. 1. Circe. If you want to pick a witch from mythology, Circe would be the perfect choice. In Greek myths, she was the daughter of Helios. She was a sorceress and witch who could turn men into animals. In Homer's the Odyssey, she turned Odysseus' crew into pigs I was going to name my wizard Wenchy, because that's the default name I give all female characters. Sadly, that name is already on the banned names list, so I'll have to go with something else. #15 Feb 21, 2012. waster914. waster914 Jericho Drumm (aka Doctor Vodoo Sorcerer Supreme) who replaced Dr. Strange after the Planet Hulk cross-over.

Complete list of witches characters. These characters feature witches: magic users who often possess classic traits such as pointy hats, flying brooms, and black cat familiars. Some are protagonists looking to improve their craft, have adventures, or save the world; others might be tricksters or outright villains who cause suffering and misfortune for others Synonyms for sorceress include enchantress, hag, hex, witch, magician, necromancer, pythoness, sibyl, siren and occultist. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com Choosing the proper magical name for your dog has as much to do with your taste in magic as it does most anything else. Because practitioners of magic are largely mythical figures (magicians notwithstanding), it won't be easy to find similarities between your dog and those whose names you may be choosing from, so the best place to start is likely just picking your favorite wizards, mages.

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Native American Witch Stories. White Owl's Escape from the Witches: A young Penobscot hero elopes with the daughter of an evil night witch, and defeats her with the help of the Thunders. An Abenaki Witch Story The Lost Hunters: Wabanaki stories about a man killed by a ghost witch. Glooskap and the Witch: Micmac Indian witch legend about the. Sorceress is also the name of a character class in The Witcher: Versus. The Price of Neutrality premium module, an elven scout, Reim says that the only true mages are elven, but does not elaborate further. In Danusia Stok's translations, the preferred term for female mage is enchantress. Gallery [ What's the point in being a witch without a cool witchy name? No one wants to be a basic witch! Whether you can turn your vacuum into a prince or cast a spell on the yapping dog next door, you need a name that tells the world you are more than just a warty-nosed old hag

Find 6 ways to say SORCERESS, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus The Sorceress, also known as the Queen of the Forgotten Worlds, is the main antagonist of the third Spyro the Dragon video game Spyro: Year of the Dragon.She is a sinister dinosaur-like witch who rules the long-lost Forgotten Worlds with her army of Rhynocs and has proven to be one of Spyro's most powerful and wicked foes ever faced.. In in the original version, she was voiced by Flo Di Re. sorcerer: 1 n one who practices magic or sorcery Synonyms: magician , necromancer , thaumaturge , thaumaturgist , wizard Examples: Count Alessandro di Cagliostro Italian who was famous as a magician and alchemist (1743-1795) Types: show 7 types... hide 7 types... enchanter a sorcerer or magician exorciser , exorcist someone who practices. May 16, 2021 - Explore Insert Name Here's board Character Surnames on Pinterest. See more ideas about fantasy names, female character names, pretty names

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Tag: legendary female sorceress names. Witches Initiation. Witchcraft power is generally attributed to older women but young women or even girls can sometimes be involved. Witchcraft power is a kind of immaterial substance which may be kept in a calabash hidden in a hole in the wall of a witch's house or in a hollow tree. The power itself may. Female Witch Names: Since most women plan to dress up as witches, its important to select a few names that suit your character for the day. Always remember that a good character-building in any play or theme lies in the small details. In that light, if you are dressing up as a witch, you do not want your friends to call you by your name for. Name. Meaning. Astrid saga names, meanings not given. Andras. breath. Anselma. protected by the Gods. Arna. eagle. Arnbjorg. eagle protection. Arndis. eagle spirit.

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Female Warrior Names 'A' Girl Names. Aoife- This Irish name is derived from the word aoibh which means beauty. In an Irish legend, Aoife was a warrior princess. Armina- A German name meaning warrior maiden. Aella- This Greek name derived from the word Aellô, which means storm wind or whirlwind Following is a large collection of different wizard name ideas both for males and females. Simply choose anyone, ideal for your needs. Female necromancer names. Searching for a female necromancer name? Dig into your dead feelings and find out the name. Below is a wide range of different female necromancer names. Choose the one that suits you 39 Female Demon Names (So Far) We did all the research for you and compiled this huge list of female demon names.This listing includes 39 female supernatural entities, what they do, where they originate, appearance, and features.. We already have a huge listing of demonic names.We decided to make it easier for you by separating the demon names female from the males

Top 20 Female Demon Names. Check out the XX top female demon names along with a short description regarding their meaning in different cultures. Ardat Lili. Ardat Lili represents a storm demon that always comes at night as well as the spirit of a young woman, which is often associated with pregnant women or children Check out the names of the German and Swiss witch bloodlines below. Be aware that there were thousands of German witches executed during the Medieval and Early Modern Era whose names were never recorded. They were often documented as a young girl of nine, the prettiest woman in town, the rich woman, the reverend of. Female Half-elf Ranger - Image credit: Crawfall Wiki Personal Approach on How to Name Your Character. We all have some certain practices that help us in deciding a name, but it's not always easy. For most of the games, you're going to be playing that character and what you come up with will stick with you till the end

Choosing a name for your female puppy or dog requires a little inspiration and plenty of thought. After all, this is a name that you'll be saying every day for years to come. Like baby names. 16. Just name him PoopSmith, it's the ideal name for any character. 03-13-2007, 09:01 PM #4. larrel. View Profile. View Forum Posts. Private Message Top Female Names by the century pre-conquest to 1600 . This research came from a mix of the Suffolk Domesday Book, the Paston letters, the Boldon Book and the Oxford Dictionary of Surnames, [on the principle that a name needed to be fairly common to become a surname; and examples of the original first name and the source are cited within it]..

Female Elf Name Generator. Elves are one of the races that inhabit middle-earth in J.R.R. Tolkein's novels. This generator generates elf names. Susklahava Zylrie. Elincia Elanan. Faunalyn Yllaxidor. Elora Trissalor. Chalsarda Sarbalar. This is awesome Becoming a woman and need a female name? Want to name your car after a girl? Pick randomly from a list of 1,000 random girl names! This tool will do the thinking for you, all you have to do is choose your favorite! If you're expecting twins, or think maybe you're having a boy, you may rather list of boy names or non-gender specific baby names A loa whose French-Celtic name evokes European associations of folklore and myth, Grande in Creole signifying Grandmother. Maman Brigitte, as she is often called, is the female Guardian of Graves, a powerful magical Loa of cemeteries, and is said by some to be the wife of one of the Barons

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Semitic god name sometimes used as an alternate for Satan. Belial. another name for Satan. Belinda. a moon of Uranus (snicker, snicker.) The name probably derives from an old word for serpent. Belladonna. poisonous plant with purple flowers (deadly nightshade) Blood The list of female names... Hebrew Names German Names Latin Names Greek Names French Names Hindu/Indian Names Japanese Names Russian Names Italian Names Irish Names Hebrew Names Echo ~ The name is borne in Greek mythology by a nymph whose unrequited love for Narcissus caused her to pine away until only her voice remained Pagan Witch and Wicca Names. The modern practice of witchcraft, known as Wicca, is a good source of pagan names, some of which honor witches from history and current practices. Adept - One who has studied magic and is very knowledgeable. Aradia - A witch who was the daughter of Diana, a Roman Goddess, and is considered a moon goddess in Wicca

Halloween Female Cat Names. 1. Luna - A very popular cat's name, the latin word for moon.. 2. Sorceress. 3. Maleficent - The well-known Disney villainess from Sleeping Beauty. 4. Ursula - The female antagonist from Disney's the Little Mermaid The Best Female Dog Names. Choosing the perfect female dog names can be time consuming. One way to start narrowing down your search is to decide if you want to give your new pooch a human-sounding name or a dog-sounding name. Both are popular with dog owners today. It just really comes down to your preference Here is a list of some of the most common pagan Goddess names. Akhilandeshvari - Hindu Goddess Never-Not-Broken. Amaterasu - Japanese sun Goddess. Annapurna - Hindu Goddess of Food and Nourishment. Aphrodite /Venus - Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Artemis/Diana - Greek/Roman Goddess of the hunt, virginity, and childbirth, twin sister of Apollo, and an Olympian, often associated.

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Before magic was accepted, female warlocks were mostly subjected to trials and executed afterward. However, female warlocks represent a rare and unique combination of features and are captivating. They often signify beauty, intelligence, power, and mystery, among others. Each of these female warlock names is enchanting and holds a charm Of the girl's fate, the witch says: Now that really does give off a nice bright light. Did this tale inspire the prophesying Log Lady of Twin Peaks fame? I'd like to think so It is only fitting then, that we carefully select good names for a black cat. Finding good names for black cats can be a challenge, so we decided to compile this list to help you find the perfect awesome and cute black kitten names. The list is divided into female black cat names and male black cat names Witch names generator. This witch name generator is just for fun. Choose however many options you want, and use it as many times as you want. For something a little more serious, you can visit our magic and spirituality section, or head straight for our pagan content. You'll find more inspirations for witch names from fiction, myth and legend.

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Given names for female Dunmer in Arena and Daggerfall seem to consist of one of twelve prefixes and one of twelve suffixes. The 12 prefixes for female Dunmer names are: Cru, Dem, Golg, Hek, Lil, Lol, Neph, Shel, Sher, Tab, Vayn, Verm The 12 suffixes for female Dunmer names are: atah, elle, ethys, iah, inah, ith, ithah, ivah, obah, onah, othah, t Finding your witch name. Names have power and are powerful on their own. Changing your name, even to create a witch name makes profound changes in your character, motivation and personality. The following steps guide you through the process of finding your witch name. 1. Find your Life Path number (sometimes called your magickal number Names of Wizards, Sorcerers etc.... A Actrise Adwen Aeres Aethwy Aigneis Ailios Aine Aiwendil Akashik Akthuri Alasdair Alatar Alcwyn Aled Allanon Alwena Alwyn Animagus Aradia Arddun Arfonia Ariannell Artro Arwyn Ashle These vampire names and their meanings make for interesting fantasy character names for male and female vampires. These famous vampire names may also work for baby girls' or boys' names Sorceress. In a similar vein to wizardess, the word sorceress clearly refers to a female user of magic. The word sorcerer, while not the same as wizard in some ways, means essentially the same thing in most cases

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The sorceresses use their magic to prevent the Wild Hunt from retreating through magical means in the final battle on Skellige. The Witcher Adventure Game [] The Lodge is a secret organization consisting of female mages, founded and led by Philippa Eilhart—a powerful sorceress and former advisor to the king of Redania, Vizimir II. The Lodge. Her name an amalgamation of Cruel and Devil, she is a rich, glamourous, heiress, married to a furrier, with no children. Cruella is portrayed as tyrannical, and her husband a silent man who does. Donate. If you like our work, please support us. Thank you! Information. Submit Templates; Contact Us; FAQ; Legal & Policie Just in case you need a little inspiration to help get those creative juices flowing, here's an A-Z of elf names to get you started: Elf Names Beginning with A Aegnor - Male or Female

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Jul 24, 2019 - Explore Teresa McMullen's board Witchy Blood Line Last Name, followed by 1155 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fantasy names, name inspiration, book writing tips 29,787 sorceress stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See sorceress stock video clips. of 298. socereress elf in forest lady in the forest women witch witch women red dress elf game characters cartoon woman with crow gothic forest background fanatasy charcter magic woman. Try these curated collections Female Tiefling Names. Kalli Shame Sorath Faith Sorath Divinity Pyra Generous Markosian Turmoil. Reroll Names. Top. This website exists thanks to the contribution of patrons on Patreon. If you find these tools helpful, please consider supporting this site. Even just disabling your adblocker will help (it's only text and plain image ads I promise) Luna Is the Most Popular Female Cat Name for the Second Year in a Row; Luna Is the Most Popular Female Cat Name for the Second Year in a Row. Plus, check out the other top options that owners are calling their pandemic pets. By Jennifer Aldrich. Updated January 11, 2021. Advertisement Now, watch how a real Sorceress dispatches her enemies.The Sorceress The Sorceress was the evil ruler of the Forgotten Realms and the main antagonist of Spyro: Year of the Dragon. She is not related to the Sorcerer in any way. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 4 Story 4.1 History 4.2 Spyro: Year of the Dragon 4.3 Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly 5 Quotes 6 Gallery 7 Trivia 7.1 Original 7.2.

Demonology list with over 570 demon names and meanings for demons, devils, & evil spirits with descriptions, images, and demon name meanings. Evil names list with demonic names for research.. Throughout this demon section, you will find various demons from all religions in which some may be deemed gods or mythical beings but will be classified as demonology witch (n.) Old English wicce female magician, sorceress, in later use especially a woman supposed to have dealings with the devil or evil spirits and to be able by their cooperation to perform supernatural acts, fem. of Old English wicca sorcerer, wizard, man who practices witchcraft or magic, from verb wiccian to practice witchcraft (compare Low German wikken, wicken to use. 32 synonyms of witch from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 61 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for witch. Witch: a woman believed to have often harmful supernatural powers. Synonyms: enchantress, hag, hex Find the right word. SINCE 1828

Chinese symbol: 女, female, feminine, woman, girl, daughter20 Famous Black Female Cartoon Characters