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Rehab After Surgery Rehabilitation after a SLAP repair varies depending on factors such as the strength of the repair and the preference of the surgeon. Most often, a period of time of restricted motion is maintained for about six weeks following a SLAP repair Labrum tears can be hard to diagnose because the cartilage lies deep in the shoulder, a complicated part of the anatomy. Your doctor will do a physical exam and may order imaging studies, including an MRI or a simple surgical procedure called arthroscopy.If you have what is known as a SLAP tear, which stands for superior labrum anterior posterior, it means the top part of your labrum is torn. When you return to work your arm will be in a sling (for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery), but you should be able to manage as long as you do no lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying with the operated arm. Instructions in the proper use of your arm will be given to you before you leave the hospital To help resolve this controversy, Dhawan and colleagues conducted a comprehensive systematic review of the SLAP repair literature. The findings, recently accepted and soon-to-be published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine 1, indicate that compared to younger patients, those over 40 years of age who undergo arthroscopic SLAP repair are more likely to experience post-repair complications Your first post-op visit to the doctor's office will be approximately 7-10 days after the operation. At this visit your stitches will be removed and you will review the surgery with the surgeon or his assistant. At this time you will most likely be cleared to make an appointment to begin Physical Therapy. You should also plan to check in with your surgeon at 6, 12, and 24 weeks after the operation

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The majority of patients report improved shoulder strength and less pain after surgery for a SLAP tear. Because patients have varied health conditions, complete recovery time is different for everyone. In cases of complicated injuries and repairs, full recovery may take several months Research (7) from New York University says: of 2,524 patients who had a SLAP lesion surgical repair, after 3 to 11 years of follow-up, 10% of patients (254 of 2,524) underwent repeat surgical intervention on the same shoulder as the initial SLAP repair. The average time to that repeat shoulder surgery was a little more than 2 years late Debridement of the SLAP tear: During this procedure, your surgeon would shave away the torn portion of the labrum to leave a smooth edge. This option is only suitable for minor tears that do not involve the biceps tendon. The biceps anchor, which is the portion of the biceps tendon within the shoulder joint, must be stable for a debridement surgery to be effective

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Tears of the superior labrum might only need debridement if the labrum is frayed, and then recovery would be fairly quick. Surgery to repair, or reattach, a SLAP tear requires a longer rehab program. Generally, the patient wears a sling all the time except when they are in physical therapy or doing exercises for 2 to 4 weeks Recovery from biceps tenodesis is a long process. It involves rest, wearing a sling, and physical therapy. Most people have a functional range of motion and adequate strength by four to six months.. The recovery depends upon many factors, such as where the tear was located, how severe it was and how good the surgical repair was. It is believed that it takes at least four to six weeks for the labrum to reattach itself to the rim of the bone, and probably another four to six weeks to get strong

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SLAP Repair. Shoulder SLAP Repair This is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic and nerve block. It involves repairing the torn labrum arthroscopically (keyhole). The surgeon will discuss your individual surgery with you before the operation. The operation involves reattachment of the torn labrum (see picture below) SLAP Tear Surgery and Recovery. This is a blog documenting my surgery and rehabilitation from a SLAP tear suffered in my left shoulder. The surgery took place on Thursday December 16th 2010 and the physical therapy appointments are expected to last 3-6 months and then another 6-9 months of home physical therapy The rehabilitation protocol after surgery for a type II slap lesion is 6-9 months to recover your prior level of function. It takes roughly 4-5 months to complete the protective phase and advance to the strengthening phase. Good luck. 12-17-2005, 08:01 PM #4 More than the size of a labral tear, the factor that plays the biggest role in overall recovery time is the nature of the tear. Specifically, whether or not the labrum is pulled off the glenoid and needs to be reattached or just needs to be debrided or trimmed back to stable tissue makes a huge difference

Labrum Tear Recovery (SLAP Tear) Group, From much searching on the internet, it was obvious to me that there is very little information on people and their experiences with Labrum Tears. I was extremely in the dark with my situation, so I want to give some information on my surgery and recover process that im going through Completing rehabilitation, both at the clinic and home, is key to making a full recovery when a labrum tear is concerned. Still, the recovery time for each patient will vary. According to Dr. Reuss, many patients report feeling they have regained full use of their shoulder and arm anywhere between three to six months after surgery Bad SLAP is more overt separation and extends further down the back of the glenoid, or shoulder socket, and results in instability. So while bad SLAP usually needs to be fixed by surgery, the issues that caused the labral tear in the first place can potentially be remedied through things like physical therapy Biceps tenodesis is a surgical procedure used to reduce pain in the shoulder and surrounding area. It is an option when pain is caused by problems with the biceps tendon in the arm. In this.

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Baseball players especially place a lot of stress on the shoulder and, unfortunately, many times they end up paying for it in the form of a SLAP tear. (SLAP stands for superior labrum anterior and posterior.) Currently, there are options for surgical repair for a SLAP tear, but there is no guarantee the athlete is going to make a full recovery Arthroscopic SLAP Lesion Repair. Modifications to this guideline may be necessary dependent on physician specific instruction, location of repair, concomitant injuries or procedures performed. This evidence-based Arthroscopic SLAP Lesion Repair Rehabilitation Guideline is criterion-based; time frames and visits in eac

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  1. Re: surgical recovery time, 4 months sounds quite fast for a SLAP tear surgery from what I've read but I have no direct experience with it. I tend to think 6 to 9 months, maybe a year, for recovery for it. Thanks Jason. That is more or less where I am right now. Glad to hear that forgoing surgery is a viable option, at least for now
  2. The treatment for a SLAP tear usually includes rest, pain relief and physical therapy. At Johns Hopkins, we generally try two rounds of physical therapy lasting several weeks each before considering surgery, says Wilckens. But not everyone overcomes a SLAP tear and returns to pitching at the game level like TV sports shows may make it look
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  4. labrum with sutures- a procedure which shortens the rehabilitation time to about 6-8 months. Still, the chances of being able to pitch at the same level as before the injury are small. Whereas the long celebrated Tommy John surgery has an 85% success rate of getting a pitcher back to a high level, the SLAP tear operation once only had a 3% chanc
  5. Background: Controversy exists as to the optimal treatment of superior labrum anterior to posterior (SLAP) tears in athletes. There are no systematic reviews evaluating return-to-sport (RTS) rates after arthroscopic SLAP repair and biceps tenodesis
  6. One study looked at 225 shoulder patients that underwent surgery for type 2 SLAP tears. Patients over the age of 36 were three and a half times (345%) more likely to have a failed surgery! Yikes, most of the patients that we see for stem cell injections to help heal these tears are in their 40's and 50s, not in their early thirties

Other associated shoulder problems, such as rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingement or labral tears, can be arthroscopically addressed at the same time as biceps treatment. The recovery process for labral repair surgery includes wearing a sling for about six weeks and beginning gentle physical therapy two to three weeks after surgery This is a blog documenting my surgery and rehabilitation from a SLAP tear suffered in my left shoulder. The surgery took place on Thursday December 16th 2010 and the physical therapy appointments are expected to last 3-6 months and then another 6-9 months of home physical therapy. Total time from surgery to full recovery is about 1 year Many SLAP Tears, however, are the result of a wearing down of the labrum that occurs slowly over time. In patients over 40 years of age, tearing or fraying of the superior labrum can be seen as a normal process of aging

Studies involving surgery patients well after their procedures prove that long-term results for shoulder surgery don't seem to be reliably good. For example, a large review prospectively examined 225 patients with SLAP tears. After a follow-up at an average of 40.4 months, 179 patients completed the study I had a biceps tenodesis for an otherwise uncomplicated SLAP tear on my right shoulder in 2014. I remember hearing that I could climb within 3-4 months but I didn't feel ready and waited longer. (I had been doing all the recommended PT including the very early start after surgery.

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  1. But even before that, consider rotator cuff stem cell injections or platelet rich plasma before shoulder surgery, as this dramatically reduces recovery time and is an excellent alternative for a large number of patients who fall into the rotator cuff tear category
  2. point (SLAP tear).1 Bicep tendon degeneration and/or tearing can cause significant shoulder discomfort and dysfunction (See Figure 2). A biceps tenodesis is a surgical procedure which may be performed for treatment of severe symptoms involving the biceps tendon, including inflammation or partial tears. It may be performed in isolation or as part o
  3. g day-to-day tasks within a few weeks of surgery. Full recovery takes a bit longer: optimal strength is generally restored to the labrum at five months

The typical recovery time for a labral tear is about 6 months before the shoulder is back to 100%. After the surgery, the shoulder is immobilized via a sling for the first few weeks as the injured. The success of surgery to repair the rotator cuff depends upon the size of the tear and how long ago the tear occurred.. Usually, a small tear has a good chance for full recovery. If the tear is large, the extent of recovery cannot be accurately predicted until the repair and rehabilitation is completed SLAP tears occur at the front of the upper arm where the biceps tendon connects to the shoulder. Athletes most prone to this injury include baseball pitchers and volleyball players who engage in high-energy, quick-snap motions over the top of the shoulder, says Dr. Stephen Fealy , an orthopedic surgeon in the Sports Medicine Institute Tears can be located either above (superior) or below (inferior) the middle of the glenoid. A SLAP lesion (superior labrum, anterior [front] to posterior [back]) is a tear of the labrum above the middle of the glenoid that may also involve the biceps tendon. A tear of the labrum below th SLAP Tear Treatments. Most Type 1 and 2 SLAP tears can be treated with non-invasive therapies such as Circulation Boost(T•Shellz Wrap ®). Surgery is usually performed in the case of Type 3 and 4 tears so the torn labrum can be reattached to the glenoid cavity or other part of the labrum it was torn away from

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  1. These tears could be treated without surgery. 2; Type II SLAP tear is the most prevalent type of SLAP tear. In this injury, the labrum and biceps tendon detach from the top of the glenoid. Type II tears can be further categorized as anterior (at the front), posterior (at the back) or a blend of the two
  2. Videos are of my adventures post shoulder surgery, I am trying to keep track of things that do and don't work for me and things that may help others recover.
  3. Types of SLAP Tears. If you have been diagnosed with a SLAP tear, your surgeon may have called it a 'Type 1 or 2 or 3, etc'. SLAP tears have been classified according to their severity of tear. Please note that it does not mean that the outcome of surgery is worse, it just gives us surgeons a guide to management and a form of communication
  4. Symptoms. In most cases, a labrum SLAP tear doesn't hurt all the time. The pain usually happens when you use your shoulder to do a task, especially an overhead activity. You may also notice: A.
  5. The muscles that control the shoulder blade are also weak and worsening the problem. MRI with a fluid injection into the joint called and arthrogram is the best imaging tool to identify a tear. Even then many tears will not be seen with MRI and the final diagnosis is made with the arthroscopic surgical camera at the time of surgery

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After arthroscopic surgery for a SLAP tear, your arm will be placed in a sling for four to six weeks to stabilize the shoulder. Physical therapy will improve the strength of the shoulder. Within four to six months, patients may regain the full strength of their shoulder; however, it may take nine to twelve months for complete recovery, and. Patients are allowed to return to most light activities by 6 months after surgery. The return to more strenuous activities progresses at a gradual pace due to the nature of these large tears and the time that it takes for the graft to become integrated into the native rotator cuff. Full clinical recovery may take up to a year. SLAP Tears: This is most commonly seen in overhead and throwing athletes, such as baseball/softball, volleyball, swimmers and tennis players. The SLAP tear (Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior) occurs when the bicep tendon, which is attached at the top of the labrum and socket, peels off the labrum causing a tear with certain motions

Major news has developed for the Toronto Raptors in what has been an otherwise quiet offseason so far.. The team Friday announced that Pascal Siakam recently underwent successful surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder, suffered in a May 8 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.The 27-year-old is expected to make a full recovery but was given an expected timetable of five months before he. Retears: While arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery can be successful, there is a risk of retearing the injured tendon. The risk of this is higher with larger tendon tears. In addition to these risks, shoulder arthroscopy requires the use of anesthesia. The risks, though slight, of anesthesia include blood clots, heart attack and stroke

Recovery from SLAP tear surgery takes time. Patients typically use a sling for four to six weeks to allow healing. During that period, they shouldn't drive, and physical therapy is limited to passive range-of-motion exercises, which will keep the shoulder from getting stiff while protecting the repair The most common course of treatment for SLAP tears is corrective arthroscopic surgery, a short, minimally invasive procedure that uses micro instruments to repair any damage to the labrum. As a less invasive procedure, it's designed to shorten recovery times and reduce the risk of complications

My father had/has a pretty nasty slap tear in his shoulder. He did it about 15 years ago. He is not a lifter, and was about 50 when it happened. He was told the recovery time from surgery is very lengthy, and at his age, he might still not have made a full recovery, so he opted to do some PT PI17_1103_03 SLAP repair | 3. incision. The type of approach used will be determined by the size and nature of the damage. Glenoid Labrum Humerus A SLAP tear occurs where the biceps tendon anchors to the labrum. After the operation. After your operation you will wake up in the recovery room . wearing a sling. Your shoulder will have dressings. SLAP Tear (torn labrum left shoulder), Is a Full Recovery Without Surgery Pos... Sorry to hear about the shoulder. My story was a rt slap tear from collage volleyball. I avoided surgery, and played through the pain with lots of Advil for many years. Fast forward 15 years,and the pain got worse just doing every day activities. At the time of the.

The study concluded that one should wait at least six weeks before considering driving after rotator cuff or labrum repair surgery. There are not a lot of good studies on this topic. This is because it is a difficult topic to study. If we studied patients who recently had surgery in an actual driving situation, the risk for shoulder injury and. Recovery time after superior capsular reconstruction will vary based on patient's age, health and underlying medical conditions. Typically, the average recovery time for superior capsular reconstruction can be 8-12 months. Dr. Verma will evaluate patients undergoing capsular reconstruction on an individual basis to assure their complete recovery

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is typically performed on rotator cuff injuries such as tendinitis and tears, some of which may be major -- the tendon has torn totally from the bone. While minimally invasive as compared to traditional shoulder surgery, the recovery time is the similar for both procedures. Specific recovery times depend on your doctor's instructions following surgery Labrum Surgery Recovery Time and Guidelines The shoulder labrum is a cartilage located around the fastening of the shoulder socket. It has 2 core functions, one of which is to provide stability by deepening the socket, and the other is to act as an attachment for tissues like biceps tendon Wrap a bag of frozen peas, or an ice pack, in a towel and place it over your shoulder for 10-15 minutes (no longer). If you have had a capsular release it is important to keep the wounds dry until they have healed so place the wrapped ice pack in a plastic bag to ensure the wound does not get wet. 2. Using A Sling

The indications for surgery should be based on an individual basis considering the patient's age, activity level, functional needs, response to treatment, and time in season for athletes. Surgery consists of arthroscopic repair of the labrum if it is an unstable tear or debridement (shaving) if it is a stable tear I had a rotator cuff arthroscopic surgery to take care of a slap, rotator tear and removing a 14mm cyst. I am now 9 days post op and feel incredible. The cyst was causing nerve damage and not firing the 2 muscles in my back adjacent to my shoulder

SLAP Tear Recovery Time -- How Long Does a SLAP Tear Take to Heal After Surgery? Both nonsurgical and surgical SLAP tear treatment strategies will involve labrum tear physical therapy exercises. After SLAP tear surgery, your doctor will first immobilize the shoulder, elbow, and arm to allow the labrum to heal and prevent further injury Slap tear: refers to the rotator cuff repair can be less than an open repair because the surgery is less intensive and often has a quicker recovery time. Economic losses are for financial damages. This includes lost wages, loss of future income, and medical expenses. $250,000 for a shoulder replacement surgery in an uninsured motorist. Surgery and the Recovery Time The success rate associated with a labrum surgery is quite high and so, the only thing that worries most people is the recovery time. Although the recovery time depends on multiple factors, one can say that on an average, a full recovery after repair of a torn labrum usually takes about three to five months A Functional Medicine Practitioner Recovers from Shoulder Surgery: Post-Op Weeks 2-3 This Blog post is part of a Series on Shoulder Surgery Recovery: Please see other articles. I went back and forth on commenting on my recent shoulder surgery (labral repair, rotator cuff repair, A/C joint decompression). If you know me, attention is never my modus [ Similar to others on this thread, I scheduled surgery long enough away to terrify myself in the iterim - watching videos, reading horror story reviews, etc. I play A LOT of softball. Suffered a grade 3 AC separation, SLAP tear, and I'm told I have an uncharacteristically high amount of arthritis in my right/throwing shoulder

Placing strain on the joint may cause the sutures holding the tendon and bone together to pull out. Complete recovery from arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery can take from three to six months. The length of time to a complete recovery is determined by the size of the tear that Dr. O'Grady repaired Improving diagnostic certainty of SLAP lesions - There is a risk of surgical overtreatment of patients with shoulder pain symptoms suggestive of a superior labrum anterior and posterior lesion. This risk can be reduced by identifying causal factors and performing a meticulous initial clinical exam to achieve the correct diagnosis

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A rotator cuff tear is a common injury to the shoulder joint. In fact, there comes a time in most people's life (if they live long enough) when a rotator cuff tear becomes an expected finding. That doesn't mean that everyone who lives a long life needs shoulder surgery Type 3: A bucket-handle tear of the labrum where part of the rim detaches forming a flap which can get caught in the joint, causing locking or catching sensations. The biceps tendon is unaffected. Type 4: A bucket handle tear of the superior glenoid labrum which extends into the biceps tendon Type 1 and type 2 SLAP tears are the most common. Slap tears can also be associated with a Bankart.

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In September of 2009, after two different rehab attempts, I decided to have surgery on my shoulder to repair some tears in my rotator cuff stemming from the initial injury in my April start Labral tear hip surgery recovery time Lateral meniscus tear surgery recovery time Connect by text or video with a U.S. board-certified doctor now — wait time is less than 1 minute Advantages of an arthroscopic technique include a shorter recovery and rehabilitation time, less risk of joint infection, less risk of bleeding, the ability to visualize the entire shoulder joint with the arthroscope and address any associated pathology, and decreased pain for the patient during the recovery process I had a slap tear, RC tear and a Mumford on my right (dominant) shoulder a few years back (pretty much destroyed it). It took a good 9 months to I feel, fully recover but it was a struggle to get back. I feel it is much stronger today after the repair. On that note, I am having my left shoulder done next week The long awaited day came, surgery to repair the SLAP tear injury on my right shoulder. The key hole surgery would be performed by Mr.Nada, a shoulder surgeon at Nevil Hall hospital, Abergavenny. I was nervous but the thing that got to me the most was not being able to have anything to eat or drink 12 hours previous to the operation that was.

A SLAP lesion (Superior Labrum from Anterior to Posterior tear) generally occurs as result of overuse injury to the shoulder in overhead athletes or traumatic falls in older patients and can result in deep shoulder pain and biceps tendonitis

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Excluding a type 1 tear, type 2 lesions represent 50% or more of SLAP tears, but only 4% to 6% of all intra-articular pathology detected at the time of arthroscopy. 2, 7 The most frequently associated pathology in patients younger than 40 years with clinically significant type 2 lesions is shoulder instability The most common variety of labrum tear is a SLAP—superior lesion, anterior to posterior. The SLAP tear feels like a catch, a slight click or pop in the normal overhand motion. Advertisemen Shoulder Instability Surgery. One of the most common labral injuries is called a SLAP lesion, a tear where the biceps tendon meets the glenoid. Another kind of labral injury is a Bankart lesion, where the labrum pulls off the front of the socket. Recovery time depends on the type of procedure but usually takes several months Labrum Surgery - Recovery Time. The treatment from labrum tear in majority of cases includes surgical repair. Surgeons most commonly opt for an arthroscopic surgery. This is a very successful surgical procedure. The recovery time after labrum surgery is the time necessary for the shoulder to completely heal and regain its functions

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WHAT IS A SLAP TEAR?. Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior (SLAP) lesions describe a spectrum of injuries to the superior portion of the labrum, where one of the two biceps tendons partially attaches.The labrum is a bumper with a rubber-like consistency that surrounds the socket (i.e. glenoid) of the shoulder Surgical treatment of SLAP tears has become more common in recent years. The success rate for repairing isolated SLAP tears is reported between 74-94%. [7] While surgery can be performed as a traditional open procedure, an arthroscopic technique [8] is currently favored being less intrusive with low chance of iatrogenic infection A SLAP tear or SLAP lesion is an injury to the glenoid labrum (fibrocartilaginous rim attached around the margin of the glenoid cavity). Tears of the superior labrum near to the origin of the long head of biceps were first described among throwing athletes by Andrews in 1985

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The biceps tendon then attaches at the top of the labrum. When you have a labrum tear sometimes your biceps tendon can be involved as well and be partially torn. If the biceps tendon is not involved and you only have a labrum tear, it can still be contributing to your pain by pulling on the labrum. With a biceps tenodesis, the biceps tendon is. This results in less pain for patients and shortens the time it takes to recover and return to favorite activities. Shoulder arthroscopy has been performed since the 1970s. It has made diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from surgery easier and faster than was once thought possible Cody Taylor. May 10, 2019 12:24 pm CT. Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George underwent rotator cuff surgery to repair a partially torn tendon in his right shoulder on Tuesday, the team announced. George initially suffered the injury to his right shoulder against the Denver Nuggets on Feb. 26 and had been dealing with it off and on over the. A bicep tendon tear at the shoulder occurs due to either abrupt injury or overuse over time. The tendon can tear partially or entirely. Most people will be able to continue living their lives without ever having to get surgery. Those who need to regain full use of the shoulder will need surgery

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